Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

getting ready for Stop and Shop!

Today it's all about new leather cuffs...
I was down to a sad little half-dozen leather cuffs, and when I started working, it got a bit out of hand :)

I LOVE this "believe" cuff is in green...

You have to see the closure on the "courage" cuff...vintage crystal button...I made some charms out of a few of them, too.

VERY wide Faith and Lucky Girl cuffs!

Come see me for the Studio Stop and Shop...these cuffs will be available, as well as the gorgeous mixed metals I posted yesterday.
Friday Dec 16 (10-3 and 5-8) and Saturday Dec 17 (10-5)...last pre-Christmas shopping and order pick-ups :)
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

more photos for Stop and Shop

Today's photos showcase mixed metals. All of these will be available at the Stop and Shop, running Friday Dec 16 (10-3 and 5-8) and Saturday Dec 17 (10-5).
bronze angel heart with sterling "love" bead and limited edition confetti bead

vintage key, star dottie, copper heart and sunny yellow confetti bead

vintage key (LOVE the shape of this one!), eiffel tower silver AND one of my new sterling-wrapped "herkimer diamonds"...below shows it from another view...

I'll be posting more photos tomorrow...and may have a few surprises left for Friday and Saturday!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting Ready for Stop and Shop Friday and Saturday...

This Friday and Saturday (Dec 16 and 17) will be the final days of the season for shopping in the studio.
I have everyone's orders ready for pick-up, as well as a studio brimming with fun ready-to-gift (or keep) pretties.
I played with some silver and glass over the past week, in addition to my orders...
a new WIDE silver band, as requested by Deb...a fun take on bird bands...this one's mine!

and a few pieces of junk-to-treasure...license plate initials...this is what I have...unless you bring me plates, I cannot take special requests for letters or colors of letters. My studio cannot hold any more collections ;P

Come see me Friday 10-3 and 5-8 and Saturday 10-5...let's hope for better weather this time around! More photos tomorrow!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting ready for Stop and Shop next week :)

Wowee...I am AHEAD of schedule for getting all of my special orders ready for mailing and the Stop and Shop.

Which means...I get to make some NEW pretties just in time for those shopping days:
Fri Dec 16, 10-3, 5-9 AND Sat Dec 17, 10-4

I plan to start posting daily photos, beginning on Sunday!

Back to work...I need a latté!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Photos Day 4...Studio Open House continues Friday and Saturday

More photos...
If you've missed what I've been sharing this week...

Bottle o'treasure with a special topper!
a few views of fun necklace combos...including vintage key, dottie heart and vintage chandalier crystal

I filled in lots of area schools...if you come from Omaha to shop, just ask me to pull out the Omaha schools for you to see!

The Open House will continue tomorrow...

Friday Dec 2 (10-3 and 5-9) and Saturday Dec 3 (10-6)Posted by Picasa

I'll have extra help during all of my hours to make the shopping experience extra-delightful :)

e-mail me if you need studio address!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 3 of Open House sneak-peeks

This week I've been adding photos and other tidbits about the Studio Open House, which begins TOMORROW, Wed Nov 30 (5-9) and continues Friday and Saturday.
If you missed the first 2 days, here they are:
Day 1 Day 2

Today I have a variety of what I've been working on in studio, leading up to this show...

I get to feed my creative self when I'm making my one-of-a-kind fairies...this one is inspired by a special friend...she knows who she is :) However, my family will probably give me this title (or I'll give it to myself!) on at least one night of the open house!

More of the gorgeous bronze I've been working's the answer to this silver girl's version of gold...all antique-y and perfect to mix with other metals. TONS of anagram letters in several styles...all made from vintage pieces of games...I love to think about the families that enjoyed these letters in another era!

Finally, I decided to do something earring inventory and my sweet-and-low charms (beadies hanging from the bottom of charm) are on sale for this show. This doesn't include my brand new Christmas sweets or the new-vintage crystal earrings I made just for the show. I want to make new charms, and decided these would make super-duper gifties!

Finally #2...

I decided to make some fun give-aways...just for the Open House!

Rather than offer something to "first ? shoppers" (that defeats the purpose of my show, I think!), I'm randomly marking pages in my receipt book. If you get one of those receipts, you'll get a random gift from my basket. I hope to give ALL of them away, and if needed, I'll make more for the following days of the show!

It's all about the FUN, don't you think?

See you this week :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

..."must-haves" sneak-peeks day 2

Click HERE to see photos from day #1 must-haves (as in "Sarah must be having fun in the studio!")
Playing with chandelier crystals...I'll have more to show off tomorrow, but I used this one to make a large charm/ornament with one of our Paris-pics. This would look GREAT on a black chain with some added bling!

I spent most of today getting the studio ready for the Open House, preview Wednesday evening from 5-9...

Tomorrow I'll let you know about some giftie-give-aways I thought up for the show!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day One of Open House sneak-peeks...

I promised photos of Open House "must-haves"...
These are all about BliNg and shiny...

Vintage-look rhinestone boxes...some with dotties

A set of rhinestone initial pendants...I made most letters. When these run out they'll have to be custom orders.

Teeny-tiny rhinestone rounds...with dotties. I claimed a blue glitter one for myself...Lucy's looking at a pink one.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next "must-haves"
from the studio.
Remember, the Open House begins Wednesday evening
November 30, from 5-9
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Friday, November 25, 2011

...Millard South on Saturday!

Let's hope for no ice tomorrow...
because Lucy and I want to be in Omaha at the Millard South show! (Sat Nov 26, 9-4)

All sorts of wonderful pretties, our last trip to Omaha for the season...

And then, next week...THE Open House...

Starting Sunday, look for daily "must-haves," as in, "Sarah must have been having fun in the studio!"

Friday, November 18, 2011

Where is Sarah at Southwood?

Well, I am EASY to find at Southwood Lutheran (4oth WAY South, past the SuperTarget), tomorrow Saturday November 19 from 9-4.

If you enter on the MAIN level, I am right at the entrance, to the left, literally at the front door! If you come in at the lower level, you have to go upstairs.

I will have all of my charms, and some silver, new bronze, and brand new patina dotties...clovers, peace signs, hearts, stars and some winter snowflakes and candycanes...FUN!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Last 2 shows before Open House...

You can find me at Southwood Lutheran this Saturday, November 19 from 9-4...
There's always an air of suspense...where will I be set up?
because I just won't know until I go for my set-up time Friday evening...and this show has quite the spread!

BUT...just like last year, I'll hop back on my blog and the studio FB page Friday evening to give you the best directions to my spot :)
I'll have lovely new silver...
And more patina-ed dotties...just added...lucky clovers, hearts (and some WONDERFUL surprises!)

Next weekend I'm in Omaha at Millard South, for my last Omaha show of the season.
Then...Open House...Wed Nov 30 (5-9), Fri Dec 2 (10-3, 5-9), Sat Dec 3 (10-5)...last chance to order for Christmas.

I still have MANY time slots available for private trunk shows in the studio, on Nov 28 and 29. To come during those times, you must reserve it for you and your family/friends. 5-12 attendees, please :) I will be opening up availability to everyone else in an invite tomorrow.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

At St. Mark's with NEW pretties...

I will be at St. Mark's on Saturday (November 12) from 9-4, with most everything from the studio, and I've been BUSY!
Lucy will be at St. John's, with a limited, hand-selected inventory.
I have MANY special orders that I am bringing along with me. If you do not hear from me today (Thursday), and you are waiting on a special order, feel free to e-mail me at:
I've been busily adding pretties to my collection of charms for the upcoming weeks. These are a few of MANY...some patina with dotties, especially for the season!

As we get closer to Christmas gift-giving, a reminder about orders...
Orders may be placed...
via craft shows (St. Mark's, Southwood, Millard South)
The studio Open House (Wed Nov 30...5-9, Fri Dec 2...10-3 and 5-9, and Sat Dec 3...10-5)
OR during SCHEDULED private trunk shows, Mon Nov 28 and Tues Nov 29 (there are still times available HERE).

All orders from these times will be ready for pick-up, along with additional shopping, during the studio Stop and Shop, Dec 16 and 17. I will not be able to accomodate any rush orders or drop-ins for shopping or pick-up, or I won't have time to get all of the pretties made...and that would not be good!
I'm planning a repeat of last year's studio shut down following the Stop and Shop...time for ME to get the Long-household in the Christmas spirit :)
Can't wait to see you!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Girl's Night Out...Thursday evening!

I've had an event listed on my blog, on postcards, and I didn't give a lot of explanations, because it is my FIRST TIME doing this event and I didn't know all of the details...

Girl's Night Out takes place tomorrow evening, Thursday November 3 from 6-8:30
at the Latvian Hall at 32nd and Mohawk (curiously, this is just down the street from 2 of my past events at Nelly's Nest and The Goods!).

Here are some, hors d'oeuvres, and PRIZES!!!

Plus, a chance to come and shop with ME ;P
(but wine, food and prizes, just saying!)

After that, your next chance to shop/visit with me will be at the St. Mark's show, November 12th.

Friday, October 28, 2011 Faith Lutheran on Saturday...and info about Private Trunk Shows

I will be at Faith Lutheran on Saturday, Oct 29 from 9-4. I have SO many lovelies, including more chalkboards, new little "erase" boards, remaining Halloween, and a smattering of Christmas.

...and LOTS and LOTS of orders ready for pick-up. Check your e-mails tonight if I had something I promised to get to you for this show :)

I will not have any shows NEXT weekend (Nov 5th)...a lovely family weekend is planned.

...but I will be appearing at the Girl's Night Out Boutique, Thursday November 3rd, from 6-8:30. The boutique will be held at the Latvian Church at 33rd and Mohawk, in Lincoln, and then I will be in 2 locations Saturday November 12th, with the help of the lovely Lucy and my sister, Emily.

***Very FUN studio news***
I just finalized dates and hours for the studio Open House, first weekend in December...
...AND the openings for Private Trunk Shows, leading up to the Open House.
I will fill those times via e-mail on a first come basis. You can find those hours and details by clicking HERE.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Heart give-away for Norris and The Goods shows this weekend

I have cute little heart gift boxes to give away with purchases of $20 or more at my two shows this weekend (until the supply runs out)...
You just have to say you HEART my blog or Facebook ;P
Find me at Norris...Saturday Oct 22 from 9-4
The Goods...33rd and B Streets...Sunday Oct 23 from 1-4

You can read the previous post to hear more about Kaydra's shop, full of lovely vintage items and also see Janelle next door at Nelly's Nest after you come visit me...Kaydra is opening up especially to show off all that's new in the studio, and lots of her fall decorations (and more).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

just DoTtiE...AND the THREE shows I'm doing this Week!

...for Halloween!

...and tiny little halloween guys...I LOVE this spider! (but I don't like the real ones, oh-no!)

...and silver (and bronze) baby dots. These are NEW, NEW, NEW...and I love them!

I'm wearing mine on a 16 inch sterling ball chain, along with an ensemble of silver and glass on a 30 inch chain.

I sold my first set of these at my studio show, and made up a few more sets for my next shows...which include...
St. Robert's in Omaha...Thursday Oct 20, from 5-9...Loved this show last year, and this year I added a helper and an extra big space. Omaha gals, if you order at this show, your pretties will be ready to mail or at the Millard South show November 26.

Norris...Saturday October 22, from 9-4...this is a great show. I'm HOPING to do a bit of shopping at Norris...I have extra help :)

The Goods (33rd and B Streets, in the old bike shop, but MUCH cuter now!)...Sunday October 23, from 1-4. Owner Kaydra is opening up for ME, and so that you can shop her cute selection, too. Her shop is full of FUN, eclectic decor and furnishings. I've been known to snap up some vintage flashcards or a repurposed chalkboard. Janelle of Nelly's Nest plans to be open next door, for you primitive lovers.

I hope you'll come find me at some of my upcoming shows. With all of my out-and-about time, I'm not opening up the studio to shopping, until the December Open House and Private Trunk Shows.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New...from old!

Once every few months I look at a growing pile of silver boo-boos...the "Jack" you ordered was "Jake," I mis-counted how many letters could fit on a line, I'm tired of that ring...

I start thinking about the possibilities of that little tin filling with unwanted names, quotes and dates...

This week, in the midst of EVerYThinG I needed to do to get ready for a whirlwind of FIVE shows in 2 weeks...I had a fun little idea. And a creative girl needs to play with fire every now and then ;P

It was a lovely day on my porch, and play with fire I did...the result is over a dozen of these new little crosses. They are all different. Some have very distinct segments, some stayed in the flame longer and got that special flame-y look (I'm keeping one of those!), and some received a little gem on the front. I haven't decided if I am going to stamp on any of them or what degree of patina they may receive.
I am bringing ONE to Cathedral today. I'm not sure if any will make it to the Southwest show this Saturday, October 15 (I hope so, but a girl does have to snuggle her family when she gets home from Cathedral the next few evenings!)

...but THESE will!

I have more of the LSW mom charms (and other schools) and ONE each of the dottie hearts for most of the schools.

LOTS of other new pretties will be with me, especially if you weren't able to make it to my open house October 1st.

Can't wait to show these off!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Thank you...thank you...thank you...what, NO PHOTOS?!

Thank you to everyone who made it to my Fall Open House. It was a wonderful weekend, which is why I made the decision to have it OUTSIDE!!!
I got the best of everything...Lucy and I could enjoy the weather, and I got to visit with so many of you and meet some new wonderful people! (AND...I used a huge hunk of the never-ending roll of orange velvet from a long-ago upholstery's still growing!)
As we were taking the final displays and twinkle lights into the house, I remembered I should have taken photos of my somewhat transformed garage...oh well.

Now I'm getting ready for the next times I'll be out and about in Lincoln...
...5 days at the Cathedral Art Show (Oct 12-16...I'll post times that I plan to BE there, but you can make purchases at any time that the show is open). You can count on the preview night on Wednesday evening, but there is a small entry fee for that night (most of the other times are free for shopping).
...and Saturday October 15 at Lincoln Southwest. I have a LARGE spot that day and will be bringing 4 tables of pretties!

Photos to come :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 4 of photos...Open House starts TOMORROW

Day 4 of photos for the Open House...a sneak-peek at what I've been making ALL summer...and even more this week...I can't seem to stop ;P
You can look back at MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY photos.

New multi-layered charm keepers
my assortment of bronze and silver charms...I'm liking the mixed metals :)

Bronze for Halloween!

bronze with a dottie black cat, perfect for Fall!


NEW silhouette charms! This one is shown in bronze...I will also be making these in silver.

...this charm comes from the side view of William in this photo, not Lucy :)

So...the studio will be open tomorrow from 10-3 and 5-8

and Saturday October 1 from 10-4.

My next in-studio dates will be the Christmas Open House and Stop and Shop.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Open House...Photos #3

In the days leading up to Friday and Saturday's Open House, I've been posting photos of "what's new" in the studio... You can catch up HERE (day1) and HERE (day2).
These were a hit last week at the Millard West show...little chalkboards! Mine is bling-y with some rhinestone sparkles. Add an apple or another teacher-themed glass charm to have THE fave gift for a teacher! was hard to choose, but I'm thinking new BRONZE, including something special for MOMS and for HALLOWEEN!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Open House...Photos #2

...adding more sneak-peek photos of what you could see at the Fall Studio Open House, Friday and Saturday!

For yesterday's photos and Open House details, click HERE

I only have one of each of these for this show...will I have to make MORE?!!! tiny, brightly-colored initials
woodland creatures...I love these
Lucy told me to make some zebra!
tiny type!

Tomorrow...something different, even though I have SO MANY new glass charms to show off...I'm thinking "teacher gift," but I have one of these (Hmmm...what IS it?)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Studio Show this daily!

(large antiqued initial dotties)
I have been busily making charms all summer...and saving LOTS of them for my fall open house!

The studio will be open:

Friday September 30 from 10-3 and 5-8

Saturday October 1 from 10-4

Postcards were mailed out last week.

If you have never been to my studio, you may e-mail me for the location:

I will be posting sneak-peek photos all week, to show off some of the new glass and mixed metals charms that have been waiting on my workbench.

Plus, I'll have extra goodies to tuck into your bag with your purchase this weekend.

I can't WAIT to see you :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Millard West...and mermaids

Lisa asked me to post some photos of mermaid charms...

most of these mermaids are a combination of artwork by Lucy and me (the bitty is from a book)
Come find us at Millard West tomorrow, Saturday September 24 from 9-4...we'll be in Wildcat II, the second gym, in our usual spot :)