Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Friday, August 24, 2012

Saturday August 25...

I am supposed to be at the Piedmont Market tomorrow from 8-noon, probably my last showing of the season so that I can get ready for my fall shows (see the side-bar for what's scheduled)

It's looking like RAIN (glorious rain!) is a very real possibility, I take 65% chance to be pretty real...
So...if rain does indeed look probable, I will make the call in the morning about whether to attend the market OR have the 4 hours at the studio. I'm not making that decision right now, because I'd love to be with the market folks, if possible!

If you plan to head out in the morning, just check my FB page (you don't have to be a Facebooker, yourself to peek at the studio FB page). I will post location choice at that time.

If you're not familiar with the studio location, just e-mail me at and I will happily give the address and directions :)

Lots of gorgeous new jewelry in the studio...leather, silver, bronze, glass

Just got back from Yankton Riverboat Days where leather and charms were quite popular!
I also sold almost all of my twisties and had to make lots of new ones this week!
I plan to post lots of photos over the next two weeks, to show what's fun, fun, fun in the studio!

Friday, August 3, 2012

At Piedmont on Saturday...lots of new leather

What was I supposed to do this week?
clean the studio!
What did I DO this week?
worked on loads of leather cuffs and leather-wraps!

I'll have them with me at the Piedmont Market on Saturday Aug 4 from 8-noon (tomorrow).  Come find me :)

I'm purposely NOT showing a photo of the afore-mentioned neglected studio. You'll have to take my word for the mess!

And remember, you can check out the studio ordering look-book at