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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 3 of Open House sneak-peeks

This week I've been adding photos and other tidbits about the Studio Open House, which begins TOMORROW, Wed Nov 30 (5-9) and continues Friday and Saturday.
If you missed the first 2 days, here they are:
Day 1 Day 2

Today I have a variety of what I've been working on in studio, leading up to this show...

I get to feed my creative self when I'm making my one-of-a-kind fairies...this one is inspired by a special friend...she knows who she is :) However, my family will probably give me this title (or I'll give it to myself!) on at least one night of the open house!

More of the gorgeous bronze I've been working's the answer to this silver girl's version of gold...all antique-y and perfect to mix with other metals. TONS of anagram letters in several styles...all made from vintage pieces of games...I love to think about the families that enjoyed these letters in another era!

Finally, I decided to do something earring inventory and my sweet-and-low charms (beadies hanging from the bottom of charm) are on sale for this show. This doesn't include my brand new Christmas sweets or the new-vintage crystal earrings I made just for the show. I want to make new charms, and decided these would make super-duper gifties!

Finally #2...

I decided to make some fun give-aways...just for the Open House!

Rather than offer something to "first ? shoppers" (that defeats the purpose of my show, I think!), I'm randomly marking pages in my receipt book. If you get one of those receipts, you'll get a random gift from my basket. I hope to give ALL of them away, and if needed, I'll make more for the following days of the show!

It's all about the FUN, don't you think?

See you this week :)

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