Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

open this week...

Holiday Stop & Shop...

Friday Dec 17 (10-7), Saturday Dec 18 (9-noon)

This will be the last opportunity to shop in the studio before Christmas and...all of your orders from the Open House 2 weeks ago (and from before!) will be ready for this show. I'm closing down the studio following the Stop & Shop, until January 10th. I'll be out doing my shopping, making cookies and general Christmas-y celebrating, so I won't be available for any studio-business. the midst of all of the WONDERFUL orders I'm working on...

I've been cleaning out my beadbox, playing with silver, and other FUN nonsense...come check out all of the new goodies! There are still PLENTY of choices for gifts; Lucy says who am I kidding, we'll have a party if I run out!

I need to take a moment to thank all of you who have made my time in the studio feel less like work and more like a gift. I mean it when I say that I'm HONORED to share your sweetest memories...the joy of newborn babies for mommy/grandma necklaces, celebrations of family and friendship, the always unique artwork of growing children, as well as memory pieces for those we love and miss. Thank you to all who have trusted me to make fun/silly/meaningful jewelry for you, or to be shared with those you love. YOU are why I open my studio, cart my pretties to shows, and share my darling daughter, Lucy.

If you don't pick up your orders this weekend, they will be available on my front porch, beginning Monday Dec 20 from 8-5 through Dec 24, unless it's icy out! I'll post updates on my blog, while I'm drinking my cuppa.

Were you a winner of one of the studio give-aways and never got around to picking up your prize? Remember, that any remaining prizes need to be picked up by the end of the year (this show!)

If you don't make it to this show, have a very, Merry...
I'll look forward to seeing you NEXT year :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today is about taking a breath after a wonderfully busy studio open house. Thank you to all who visited the studio and asked me to help them create special gifts for others (and sometimes for themselves, too!). I had some new helpers at this show...the goal for me (and Lucy) to be more available to customize your jewelry, while the elves wrote up tickets, etc.

I have my next 2 weeks planned out, ensuring that I can get the OODLES of orders filled in time for the promised dates...the studio Stop & Shop, Friday Dec 17 (10-7) and Saturday Dec 18 (9-noon). The studio will also be set up for last-minute SHOPPING on those dates, and gift certificates will be available, if you missed last weekend's special order deadline :)

If you need to find me before the Stop & Shop, I will be at Scott Middle School on Thursday December 9 (5-9). Hoping I can take homework ;D

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Open House photos...

I have been promising photos...and here's a small sampling of what I've been creating.
"tag-alongs" is courtesy of Lucy :) I want to have more finished by Thursday, but will that happen?!
New...silver initials. I'm also making these in a different font in cast silver solder.
a one-of-a-kind cake fork from my Chicago Trip...I also made some "blanks" for personalizing.
This is one of 4 trays I have ready to go (not priced yet!). If necessary, I'll just stick cute little tags in the compartments...they'll be out for Thursday evening!
These are my newest itty-bitty initials. I LOVE them, and I haven't grabbed mine yet!
a "frosty" jane-in-the-box
a sampling of my "bottles of treasure". I have PLANS to finish more of these.

...will I have time to make everything in my sketchbook, will my family eat this week...will I be able to watch William at wrestling tonight without furtively scribbling my to-do list?!

You can have THESE answers, plus shop all of my new pretties and order custom silver and charms, beginning Thursday evening, December 2, from 5-8. The show will continue Friday (10-3 and 5-8) and Saturday (10-4). Remember I'll be closing my studio after those dates, in order to finish special orders in time for the studio Stop and Shop Dec 17-18. If you MUST find me before then (and I know it's possible), I'll be at Scott Middle School Thursday evening Dec 9.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

getting ready for open 2!

Today I put together some much needed Christmas and Nebraska charms.

I also got out the torch to work on some silver...Here's a peek of one of my new melted initials (flanked by some of my favorite new initial designs!).
I will have more silver at this show than I've been able to have at any of the out-and-about shows I've done this fall.

More tomorrow, and if you missed yesterday, you can click HERE.

Monday, November 22, 2010

open house countdown photos...

I'm busily working on getting postcards ready to mail out tomorrow with Open House details. E-mails will also be sent out. This is the BIG one...that last opportunity to order custom glass and silver as gifts in time for giving.

Today I'll show off a few silver pieces...I'm hoping for better outdoor lighting tomorrow so I can snap NEW photos.
This is one of my new necklace options, available for wearing charms as a dangle from a 30" adjustable chain, spacing your charms for viewing! The necklace begins with 3 mini-clips, but I can add's like a charm bracelet!
This is one of my new "charm-keepers." Different sizes, shapes in copper or silver start as the base for your glass or silver charms. This heart dangles from an adjustable silk cord, but it's also great attached to a silver chain. I'm displaying various 1/2 inch silver and copper pieces on this piece, and remember that while I have some ready for shopping, I also make them especially for you!
Finally, the sterling charm-keeper with clips. I plan to have a handful of these made, because each time I put one on display, it leaves with a happy girl!

Stop by the blog again tomorrow for more busy elf (Sarah) photos!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Find me at Southwood Lutheran...

literally, find me! I'm DOWNSTAIRS :)

I'm here today (Saturday November 20) from 9-4. Southwood Lutheran is on 40th and just past Yankee Hill Road. Last year I was upstairs...not this time.'s easy if you come in the back door. I'm straight back in the craft room beyond the stairs.

If you're shopping around upstairs, come DOWN the stairs and find me in that back room, before you wind around for the rest of the shopping.

The blog will have photos all of next week, with sneak peeks of what you can find at my upcoming open house. Also, I plan to mail postcards on Tuesday, which opens up the private trunk shows to everyone. So many fun charms and silver. See you soon!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Now it feels like Fall!

Lucy and I have been in show-mode for over 2 months now, and I've been setting out more and more holiday charms...but really, how can I LOOK at (let alone MAKE) Christmas charms in 70 degree weather!?

But now it's time!

Last week's give-away worked so well, that I'll repeat a version of it this week!
Blog readers get in on a SECRET...come visit me at my show this Saturday, Nov 20 at Southwood Lutheran (40th and Yankee Hill Rd) from 9-4. Be one of the FIRST FIVE SHOPPERS and mention you read my blog, and we'll tuck one of my fave polish pads and a surprise in with your purchase!

I'm busily working in the studio, getting ready for the Christmas Open House. Postcards should go out next week, and all details except my address will be on the blog (if you need the address, e-mail me...I just don't have my address floating all over the WWW!). I still have times available for private trunk shows, and readers have time to schedule before my cards get sent to everyone else.

All orders from now until the Open House (last day for special orders) will be ready at the Christmas Stop and Shop/Pick-up dates, and I won't be able to accomodate any rush orders, so that I can finish everyone's pretties in time :)

I can't wait for you to see all of the new pretties in the studio...I'm saving some JUST for that show...too fun!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

trying something NEW...and THIS WEEK

I so enjoy visiting with everyone who comes to my shows, and this blog is my way of keeping everyone updated on where they can find me and all of the new pretties I'm making...thanks everyone who follows along with me and gives me feedback about the studio, here or in person :)
I've been having drawings for studio-goodies for followers/comments here and on the studio FACEBOOK page...but I haven't gotten much on-line response (I hear all sorts of lovely things in person!), and there have been some unclaimed freebies (click HERE for give-away guidelines!).

NEW IDEA...this week, I will be at St. Mark's craft show (84th and Pioneers, 9-4, no admission). You readers get in on a SECRET....
Just tell me you saw my blog this week, and I'll tuck one of my favorite polishing pads and an additional surprise into the bags of the first 5 sales at my table on Saturday. FUN!!! this week..."dico-sticks," fill-in initials, bottles of treasure, military love, lots of Christmas, new necklace options!

And...if you love joining in with me on my blog, I LOVE to hear from you ;D

Friday, November 5, 2010 St. John's on Saturday and finished orders

Look for me at St. John's (76th and Vine) tomorrow, Saturday November 6, from 9-4.

I have all of these special orders done...they'll be available tomorrow, or at upcoming shows or Thursday open studio hours...

Jill E.
Margo G.
Jennifer C.
Kate F...your copper cuff :)
Michelle (your M bee)
Shari B (your silver)
Shawn T.
Patti N.
Amy J. (giftie love-handle)
Gina B (I'll look for you in Omaha, but it's DONE!)
Tracy R.
Ann (silver combo)
Jennifer S.
Sharon S (silver/glass racing combo)

Can't wait to start seeing everyone...I'll be having new, new charms every week...look for new initials and Christmas this week!

Monday, November 1, 2010

this week...

It's November...

That means art/craft shows are in full swing, and I'm preparing for the studio Open House (Dec 2-4) in between shows!

I am opening up the calendar for studio private trunk shows the week leading up to my open may reserve one of these slots for you + 5-10 friends on a first-come basis:
Sunday Nov 28...1pm or 3:30 pm
Monday Nov 29...5pm or 7pm
Tuesday Nov 30...5pm or 7pm
These times are wonderful for special orders and looking through my pretties with your friends. Plan to come without the kiddos because Lucy will be helping with orders :)

This Saturday I'll be at St. John's in Lincoln (76th and Vine Streets), from 9-4. This is the show that has Lucy's vote for #1 sloppy-joes! It's where I buy my honey and dishcloths, too!

I'm in the beginning stages of putting together next year's calendar...any suggestions for places/shows? This week's give-away is for a 1/2 inch silver initial tag. Comment HERE or on the studio FACEBOOK page to be entered in the give-away and then check back on Friday to see if you are the winner!

Friday, October 29, 2010

This week...

This week I worked busily on special orders and BUBBLES. I also have some fun bits and pieces to show off, as long as they stick around ;O

I am at St. Wenceslaus in Omaha tomorrow, Saturday October 30 from 9-3:30. I plan to have open studio hours on Thursday from 10-2 and then will be at St. John's in Lincoln on Saturday November 6.

I should have LOTS of special orders ready for that show...I'll post names of everyone whose order is done on Friday, so you can check there to see if it's ready...looks like everyone who ordered before and up to Norris should be ready for that show!

Friday, October 22, 2010

reminders...and THANK YOU! I have zero photos to share today, because...

I was SO very busy at St. Robert's boutique last night!

My word, it was a fabulous show...many, many of my favorite people showed up (all asking about the lovely Lucy, who was home on a school night!), and I met so many new wonderful folks.

But there are so many thank you's to send out...
*To the wonderful, smiling organizers of the boutique...WOW! I even got a goodie-bag!
*To my aunt, who brought me a plate of food and my fave diet cherry pepsi!
*To the sweet Patricia who not only helped me schlep in armloads of goods before the show, but stayed at the end to help finish bringing my items to the car (and she had kiddos at home!)
*To the MANY lovely shoppers who never complained that they had to "take a number" to talk to me (that's not usually the case when I have Lucy with me).

I took an afternoon break today and I'm ready for Norris tomorrow, 9-4 in the gym...see you there!

Thursday, October 21, 2010 and grandma dedicated am I to this week's photo challenge that I was outside in the wet grass getting photos before my trip to Omaha for tonight's appearance at St. Robert's (5-9).
Here is a sampling of what I have ready for grandma charms...remember I can always make special ones for "that special grandma"...
Here are a few for mommies...I get lots of requests for these for Christmas gifts...
Now off to Omaha...hope to see some of your faces tonight :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

...more charms

These are such sweet little charms...5/8 inch squares, aqua blue on vintage ivory text...

For more of what you'll find in my new charms, scroll back over the past 2 days...can you believe I've posted THREE days in a row now?!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

...more Nebraska

I finished more fairies today...I'm keeping them under wraps until you see them at a show ;D

Scroll back one day if you want to look at the INITIALS I posted yesterday.

Monday, October 18, 2010

my goal this

My intention this week is to post photos of glass charms I've just added to my collection.

Today...INITIALS! In addition to replacing sparkle-y twinkle letters and bright glitters, the above are some of my BRAND NEW initials. I've taken the liberty of sorting out some "S" charms, for Sarah, of course! You may also notice the silver "S" which is also brand new, and will be joined by other letters of the alphabet over the next few weeks. I have more initials planned for next week, too!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This week...and winner!


I'm hoping to post daily photos this week, showing samples of the charms I've been working on over the past month...N's, FAIRIES, initials, new words, fall/Halloween, a tiny taste of Christmas, GLITTER...

I will not have Thursday hours this week, as I'm getting ready for the show at St. Robert's in Omaha that evening. And I'll be at Norris on Saturday October 23 (I got a double booth...HOORAY!).

Amy B. is the lucky-ducky winner this week...e-mail me Amy and we'll get your polishing pads to you!

Monday, October 11, 2010

this week...and winner

The show at Lincoln Southwest was so much fun. Lucky to have sister-Emily come for a few hours so Lucy and I each had time to eat and take quickie-break. I could have used her the whole day, but 3 of us don't really fit behind the tables :) Our part towards the shopping experience... the brown dog (aka Miso) got a new collar with pink flowers and Lucy ordered a gorgeous "L" for her wall.

Very popular...Nebraska "N", fairies, initials, Halloween, bitties, bracelets, MY SILVER, and the new adjustable chains. I had one new chain, put together just that morning, hadn't even priced it or taken a photo yet...I'll have to make a new one! Can't wait to see what I'll finish in the studio over the next two weeks...I have high hopes for lots of initials (new styles), some more fairies, and LOTS OF SILVER. Wish me luck to stay on task...

So here are my details for this week...I don't have a show this Saturday (October 16), but do have TWO slots left for private trunk shows in my studio on that day. You may reserve one by phone or e-mail (make sure I confirm your time!). That's my last Saturday available until after Christmas. I'm still taking reservations for some evenings and Sunday afternoons.

And for last week's winner of the copper cuff, stamped with her quote of choice...Kate F. Contact me, Kate so I can write your name in my winner book and I'll get working on your cuff.

Now for this week...I still have lots of shows left...where do you hope to find me? Comment here or on the studio FACEBOOK page and you could win a 3-pk of my favorite polishing pads. Check back here on Friday to see if you're the winner...I can actually send those in the mail:)

Now...busy, busy, busy! So many ideas...

Monday, October 4, 2010

new in the studio...

What an amazing show at Millard many friends showed up to see us, and there were lots of new faces.

I brought a very large assortment of pretties, and loved the size/layout of my space. I've been inspired to contact all of my upcoming venues to see if I can duplicate my larger space...I think I've outgrown the normal 8x8 size-limitations :) If it doesn't work for this year, I'll make sure to request it for next year!

I introduced my "like a girl" cuffs over the summer and then saw a special t-shirt while shopping with Lucy last week. Here's my take on it in copper...$22-$25 (remember I can make a custom cuff for YOU!), or I can duplicate it in sterling for $55.

So...what would you "say" on your wrist? Comment here or on the studio FACEBOOK page and I'll pick a random winner for a copper version of the cuff. Check back on Friday to see if you're the lucky-ducky winner, and then contact me to get in my WINNER book!

I'll have more details on Friday about the show at Lincoln Southwest High School, as well as all of the new pretties I'll be bringing to show you :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

winner...and where to find me tomorrow!

You can find me at Millard West High School tomorrow, Saturday October 2, from 9-4. I have an extra-large space, so I'm bringing more than just adjustable mini-clip chains, fun new sterling, and SO-MANY new charms, whew!

The, chocolate (had to make more!), cookie, soda, cupcake, veggie, scrapbooking (new ones), sewing, and NEW...quilting, peanut butter, SHOE, #1 Fan, Garage Sale! I have a few more in the works...too many ideas :)

The winner of the free $12 charm is Shawn, who commented on Facebook. Contact me Shawn, and I'll put you in the Winner book for a future freebie you can redeem the next time you see me!

Monday, September 27, 2010

working on...CHARMS...and GivE-AWaY

big charms, bitty charms...
Nebraska charms, fairy charms...
school charms (Omaha this week, Lincoln next week!)...
Twinkles and sticks...
Words and glitter...

It seems every time I think I have fun charms ready for my fall shows, I need to fill in more (hooray, but I need something to take to shows!)

I wanted to post the my new "N" glitter on black...but it sold yesterday at the open house, so I'll slip the photo in later when I finish another one!

I almost forgot to announce this week's give-away...I'm so busy chuckling over some new fairy additions I'm working on this week...shh...they're a secret until my next 2 shows...Millard West (Oct 2) for the Omaha bunch and Lincoln Southwest (Oct 9) for Lincoln gals.

Who in your life is on your charm gift list for this fall? Sister, Aunt Molly, neighbor-Nancy...comment here or on the studio Facebook page and I'll pick a random winner on Friday for a free $12 charm. Check back on Friday to see if you're the winner!

Hope to see some friendly faces at Millard West this Saturday...Lucy and I will be there from 9-4, she's hoping they serve sloppy joes, her fave craft show food!

Friday, September 24, 2010 can find me

Saturday September 25 (10-5) and Sunday 26 (1-5)

I will have new...Nebraska, fairies, Halloween, glitter, LOTS of Sorority charms, new necklaces, including the charm-keepers and mini-clip necklaces...

I will have silver and other fun add-ons for making bracelets and necklaces.

This is my last pre-craft show setting for awhile, a really good time to ask for custom charms and silver!

See you...hoping for a sunny day!

Monday, September 13, 2010

getting ready for Cathedral Art Show...

Whew...what a fun show in the studio over the weekend. We had fun putting together some special pretties! The good news is that I still have great items to take to my fall shows (I made extras for that reason...)

My focus this week is the Cathedral Art Show, at 3500 Sheridan Blvd. Wednesday evening, September 15 (5:30-8:30) is the preview reception ($5...last year there was wine and cheese). There are different "events" on each day, but here are the hours, and unless you hit a foodie event, the shopping times are free admission...

Thursday 10:30-8:30 (Girl's Night Out from 6-8pm, $10)
Friday 10:30-6:30
Saturday 10:30-6:30 (fashion show with luncheon from 11-1, $10 for luncheon)
Sunday 8:30-3

I plan to be at the show Wednesday evening, most of Thursday and Friday, with the exception of afterschool hours, heading back by 5pm, most of the day on Saturday, and Sunday afternoon. I'm taking a fun assortment of charms, necklaces and bracelets.

I have a surprise engagement next week, and I'll be working in a give-away with that trunk show...more details next Monday...

And now, more tagging...I can't wait to see what all of the other artists bring!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Studio Open House THIS WEEK!

It's all fun...I've made new silver, so many glass charms I can't count them, and I'm putting finishing touches on my displays...

The Studio Open House runs this Thursday (5-8...I won't be open during the day for regular studio hours, getting ready for the show!), Friday (10-3 and 5-8), and Saturday (10-4). I have a group coming in from Omaha for a private trunk show, as well.

So...for anyone who follows me on this blog or on the studio FACEBOOK page, you have the insider scoop for this week's give-away...

Anyone who comments on this blog or on the studio FB page by Thursday, may come to the open house and ask for their FREE polishing pad with their order. It's only good for this weekend (you can't ask for it at another show, silly!), and you need to say "hi" to me at one of these on-line locations, by Thursday 5pm.

If your want to hear about my Chicago trip, scroll down to the previous entry, and now I'm back to work!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wow-wee...back from the Windy City!

Enjoy this photo taken on Todd's camera while we were in Chicago this weekend (it's a little fuzzy, but I can live with that ;)

***re-read edit by Sarah...hopefully everyone who knows me realizes I meant that the PHOTO, not the trip was a bit fuzzy! Oh my!

I "needed" to be working, getting ready for this week's Studio Open House, but I think I REALLY needed some R & R and time with hubby. I also got 2 days with good friend, Shelly, who was the perfect shopping partner...and a really good map reader!
I managed a bit of a "buying trip," hitting one of my favorite vintage shops...look for upcoming rescued silverware jewelry. I did leave behind one PERFECT set of cake forks and server. I think I might have cried if I'd actually cut them up for parts.

So-oo...the first part of this week is all about getting ready for September 9th, 10th and 11th Studio Show...more tomorrow, or check my events list for times. If you aren't getting e-mails or postcards from me, you'll need to e-mail me for location.

Kerry D. is this week's lucky-ducky winner of the 1/2 inch silver initial disk. Contact me Kerry, to get that in my list of to-do's!

Watch tomorrow for a fun give-away for faithful Brown Dog Studio blog watchers!

Monday, August 30, 2010

...getting ready!!!

Hello...I am using the next week and a half to work on my studio "wish list," those charms, silver, new pieces I've been dreaming about adding in time for the BIG STUDIO OPEN HOUSE next Thursday, Friday and Saturday (September 9, 10, 11).

The past weeks have been filled with glitter, bitties, Halloween, and more. I'm hoping to play with silver for a few many ideas, so little time :)

I'd love to hear from you this week...comment here or on the studio Facebook page to be entered in a random drawing for a 1/2 inch silver initial charm. Check back on SUNDAY to see if you are the winner.

Oooh...I gotta get working...tray of bitties calling my name!

Friday, August 27, 2010

our last market...then fall shows!!!

Tomorrow (Saturday August 28) will be Brown Dog Studio's last appearance of the season at the Piedmont Market (8-noon, Cotner and A Streets). I have been busily making glass charms for fall shows...some of these have made it onto the tables already :) Next week, more charms and then some SILVER...I'm so excited!

Jamie W,a new studio FB fan, is the lucky-ducky winner of this week's random drawing for the 3-pk of polishing me Jamie so you can make your silver and charms all shiny!

I'm still taking calls for private trunk shows...some of you are trying to find THE date for you and your friends.

Now...for what's really important...what kind of PIE do I need tomorrow at market?

Monday, August 23, 2010

shows...gearing up for fall!

I was down on campus with Sheri last night for our annual meet-and-greet with sorority girls at Big Red Welcome. We were letting girls sign up for private trunk shows in their houses...also, if you're a mom of a sorority girl, you're welcome to contact us to arrange a showing for a group:)
Hopefully tomorrow it will feel enough like FALL so that these new pumpkin charms aren't too out of place. I'm letting everyone know that this Saturday (Aug 28) will be my last visit to the Piedmont Market for the season. I LOVED being there this year and plan to head back next spring! I'm going to take one weekend (Labor Day!) off before I start my VERY busy fall show season, beginning with the studio Open House September 9th, 10th and 11th.

I promised that everyone could start calling to arrange for private trunk shows for groups of 5 or more. These take place in my studio, generally reserving a 2 hour block of time, as sometimes another group will follow you! When you call, have a few evenings or Sunday afternoons in mind. The ONLY 2 Saturdays that will be open are September 18 and October 18. These are not dates that are available for dropping in, only for scheduled showings, please.
***Add-on info, thanks to Lisa's question...for those 2 precious Saturdays, I will maximize time if need be by making them into 4 slots...10-noon, 1-3, 3-5, and 6-8. I decided Lucy and I need time to sleep in :)
Evenings will be decided as you call me and I look at my calendar. Sundays will be a maximum of 2 groups per afternoon, probably a 1-3 and a 3-5 slot if I'm available!

This week's give-away is a 3-pk of my favorite polishing pads, good for your silver or glass charms. Comment on this blog entry, become a new fan or comment on the studio FACEBOOK page to enter the random drawing, and check back Friday to see if you're the winner!

Now check your calendars so we can find a time for your group to gather in my studio...I promise this is a lot of fun :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

I'll be at market TWO more days!

I will be at the Piedmont Market tomorrow (Saturday August 21, 8-noon), and then again the following week, and THAT'S IT before my Fall shows begin. I'm oh-so busy getting everything ready for my Open Studio Show September 9, 10, and 11(remember, I had to move it forward a week!)...and then the FUN begins! Shows almost every weekend until December. Can she do it? Can she still plan coffee dates with her friends? Will Lucy tell her mother she's too grouchy to work with? Yes, YES, and I HOPE Lucy tells me if I'm too grouchy...that girl's my right-hand gal :)

On Monday, I plan to let you start reserving times for private studio Trunk Shows, beginning in September. These are perfect for groups of 5+ friends, co-workers, sisters (and MOM!) get extra-special help for custom orders, plus there's usually a lot of laughing while you help Susie pick out what SHE needs! I only have 2 available Saturdays, some Sunday afternoons, and one or 2 evenings per week. If you have a group that can come during the school day, we can work with that, too.

Now for this week's lucky-ducky give-away winner...Natasha is a new fan on the studio Facebook page and should contact me to claim her prize, the "secret locket".

Hope to see lots of friendly faces tomorrow at market...I sure hope Mary Helen has a pie with my name on it!

Monday, August 16, 2010 changes and give-away!

I've had a whirl-wind past few weeks and thankfully I received a phone call today to let me know I had an incorrect date in my fall that conflicts with dates I'd planned for my BIG fall studio show. Can't have that overlap the Cathedral Art Show!

So...Cathedral will be Wednesday September 15 (evening)-Sunday September 19. I'm almost certain that my open studio show will move one week earlier, to September 9, 10, 11. I'll finalize that later this week, but whew...thanks for the call, Katie:)

In all of my recent events, I've been having fun working with a combination of glass charms and SILVER. One very popular item this week was the "secret" locket... I'm asking everyone for what they would like on the outside... ...and then the secret-inside of a locket they might wear! You can comment on this blog entry, or go to the studio FACEBOOK page to add your two cents. You should check back on Friday to see if you are the random winner.

I'll be mentioning this again next week (when I have the kiddos' school events calendar in hand), but I'm going to open up the studio schedule in about a week for private trunk shows. These shows offer more time with me than regular open houses or craft shows and have been a lot of fun!

Friday, August 13, 2010

to market, to market...

Lucy and I will be at the Piedmont Market tomorrow from 8-noon. I've made the new glass charms I've finished over the past few weeks available for market and in my studio, so you faithful summer followers are getting a sneak peak of what I'm rolling out for Fall!
...the new "rescued silverware" jewelry made last week!And a taste of the other market vendors...Mary Helen's pies, cookies and pesto...
... Jodie's beads and jewelry
... Mrs. Little may be on break until her next batch of corn is ready
...don't miss the tender cucumbers, potatoes and beets! There's also an assortment of fresh herbs
And you never know WHAT else...often there's a new vendor bringing surprises:)
I hope to see you! Gina B. became a new fan this week on Facebook, and is the lucky-ducky winner of the free 1/2 inch silver disk. Contact me, Gina...I'll bet we can figure something out to add into your order from this week, just in time for delivery!
I'll be REALLY working on charms over the next month, especially as soon as the kiddos are back in school and I can get my schedule going. Can't wait to see what I'll get ready THIS week:)

Monday, August 9, 2010

busy studio weekend...and WEEK!

The studio has been busy with shows and many ideas making their way into new glass charms, silver and jewelry!
...wonderful bubbles combined with my silver, colorful beads on bracelet or chain
...vintage spoons (and one of my prized cake forks...I had a hard time giving it up!) made into whimsical first one sold on it's first day out!
There will never be 2 that are exactly the same...should I make a few "blanks" to add your sentiments? ...and I'm on a roll with these fairies, princesses, and "chicks"...hint...look for these NEW themes: ice cream, soda, cookie, candy and SEWING (thanks, Amy), in addition to coffee, chocolate, cupcake, and scrapbooking...any more ideas?

Speaking of ideas...Lucy and I welcomed a group of friends to a private trunk show over the weekend...2 hours of dedicated studio time, perfect for shopping and special orders! Your friends (sisters, moms!) are great at helping pick your favorite photos, finding THE perfect charms, and knowing exactly what Aunt Susie wants for her birthday. I LOVE watching what everyone chooses, and I always end up with some new ideas for even more additions to the studio. (Yipes!)

I'll be ready to accept "fall" dates for private trunk shows as soon as I get my children's school calendars at the end of this month. I'll book 2-hour trunk shows for groups of 5+ friends...daytime, evenings or weekends (other than my open houses, these are the only evenings and weekends I open the studio!).

I'll be working with a lot of silver this week, so let's make this week's give-away one of my 1/2 inch silver disks...fits a name, an initial, short word...say "hello" here or on the studio FACEBOOK page (or become a new FAN of Brown Dog Studio on Facebook!). Mention some of your favorites, or what you're wanting to look for in future shows...Check back on Friday to see if you were picked by the oh-so-scientific method (out of a hat!).
I'm in Omaha Tuesday at Yesterday's Scrapbooking (4-8) for shopping and custom orders. Then...working in the studio to make even more pretties!

Friday, August 6, 2010 hours and shows

This one-of-a-kind necklace sold on it's first day Hastings. I was inspired to create 5 more this week, but due to the variation of "rescued" spoons and my play with saw/colors, there will never be two that are exactly alike. I even used one of my prized cake forks to make a pendant (reference to cake, of course!), 2 patriotic/star pendants, and a few surprises.

I have been oh-so-busy with glass charms, and although some will work their way into my inventory, most will make their BIG debut during the September studio open house...although if you come to the studio during Thursday hours (10-2), you'll be able to sneak peek/purchase early!

I loved the suggestions I received here and on Facebook (you can still "like" me by becoming a fan of the studio, you don't even have to make me your friend if you don't want to;)
Amy B. is the lucky-ducky random winner of the free $12 glass me, Amy, and I'll put you in my WINNER book!

This week, find me Saturday morning at the Piedmont Market (Cotner and A Streets) from 8-noon, Tuesday evening in Omaha from 4-8 at Yesterday's Scrapbooking (3673 N 129th St), and during Thursday studio hours (10-2). I've penciled the dates of September 16-18 for the Studio Open House...Big-Big!

Monday, August 2, 2010

...more jewelry

Hastings Art-in-the-Park was so much fun. The organizers did a great job, the crowds were friendly, and the summer heat was not over-the-top-HOT like we've seen in the past few weeks. Lucy and I learned how to assemble and take down our new tent...we are WOMEN with tools:) We even attached a photo of the Brown Dog to the tent to point out the studio muse when asked about the name, and boy were we asked! Lucy was thrilled with the number of 4-legged, furry visitors that accompanied their owners to the park.

Somehow we managed to forget we brought the camera...I think it was the last-minute run I made to Walmart 10 minutes before the show to purchase camp chairs (which we'd forgotten in Lincoln)! So all I have to show is a close-up of one of the new shirts I made for us to wear at shows.

Sold lots of charms, some new silver and necklaces...had great requests/suggestions for charms that made me think, "why did I never think of that?" I'll let you find these this fall when they're in my new line-up!

For this week's give-away I have a request...ideas for occupations, hobbies and maps...some of them will make it into my inventory...add those ideas here or on the studio Facebook page and you'll be entered in the random drawing for a free $12 charm, winner to be announced here on Friday! I have so much work planned for this week...inspired (!), but we're off to the movies with my auntie this afternoon...lovin' the stay-cation:)

Friday, July 30, 2010 jewelry!

So...this week has been so fun, but I've been very off-task (charm-wise!).

You have to take a look at some of what I've made...
I made a few ribbon-ruffles...this bracelet nestles pearls and amazonite beads between purple gingham.
adjustable silk bracelets...I counted 8 of them in fun colors with silver, glass and bead-rings.
I'm pricing these at $25:)
Some new leather cuffs...
this one might be my favorite!
this is WAY too, long adjustable silk cords...I can attach anything to them, but I'm envisioning large silver or copper links (hearts, ovals, circles) that tiny charms (or glass charms) can be added to. ...this piece is up-cycled from a spoon. I've only made one so far...
Remember, I won't be at the Piedmont Market tomorrow...I plan to return the following Saturday. I'll have regular Thursday studio hours from 10-2. Keep checking back on Mondays for my weekly give-aways. All you have to do is comment on my blog or say hi to me on the studio Facebook page during the week. This week's winner...a different Amy from last week, Amy J, should contact me to cash in on her 3-pack of polishing pads. If you see her, she'll have gorge-ou-so charms!

Monday, July 26, 2010

getting ready for Hastings...

I'm glad everyone who loves me gives me permission to change my mind!

After weeks of saying "never" to all-day, outdoor shows, I got excited about doing Art-in-the-Park in Hastings. I will be there on Sunday, from 10-5, with what feels like a HUGE space, compared to most craft shows I do. I'm contemplating 3 or 4 tables and planning to bring more of my jewelry (in addition to my glass charms) than I'm generally able to show outside the studio.

Creativity "planned" for this week...some necklaces and bracelets, more leather, a new silver board (mine's on loan for a show planned next month!), and cute dog t-shirts for Lucy and me.

I'm on a week hiatus from charm-making (unless you're one of my special orders!), then next week I'll be back to my fun make-it list.

So, for this week's give-away...say hello in the post comments for this blog entry, or come find me/LIKE me over on the studio FACEBOOK page. I'll draw a winner on Friday, so you can check back to find out if you've won a 3-pack of my favorite polishing pads! ...Lucy has informed me that she thinks it's difficult to add a comment onto the blog...If you're having troubles, e-mail me and I'll see if my "expert advice" might be of help:)

Now I'm off to buy a canopy/tent...we outdoor gals need to keep in the shade!

Friday, July 23, 2010

market tomorrow...and winner!

I'm at Piedmont Market tomorrow from 8-noon. I'll take a break the following week because Lucy and I will be getting ready for the Art-in-the-Park show in Hastings on Sunday, August 1.

I'm planning to take a sampling of my the charms tomorrow morning...and then I'll be getting my own veggies...some green beans and cucumbers for certain, and I'm REALLY wanting one of Mary Helen's pies:)

There was no tie settled between PIE and CAKE this week in my comments...rather, I think we even added ICE CREAM into the mix of fave sweets! But AMY's comment was chosen as the me Amy, and you'll be entered into my winner book! I know there were some charms you'd like to choose from for your free $12 charm!

Watch for even MORE charms in Monday's post...

Monday, July 19, 2010

very you like pie?

I made oh-so-many charms this week! After lamenting my lack of studio-time, I looked at what came out of the studio this week and proclaimed, "Hooray!"

Many of this week's charms were results of YOUR requests or things we laughed about and later I said..."um, THAT could be pretty."
I had lots of requests for scrapbook charms...these are just a few!
Crowns, tiaras...WITH glitter were already on my to-dos, but when Amy and friends mentioned FROGS and crowns, I came up with some of these:) The backs are even funnier!
I spent 2 glorious days being creative, witty (in my mind, don't burst my bubble!) without worrying about making lots...the results were many FAIRIES... scrapbook,
chocolate, cupcake, more coffee...AND...PIE!!!! Anyone who's talked to me knows my love of CAKE...(click to view photos!)...but it took some Saturday mornings at the Piedmont Market with Mary Helen and some conversations with Lucy and family to remind me "I'm a PIE GIRL at heart! Can't have pie in the fridge that the kids and I aren't fighting over who gets it for breakfast!" So here are a few charms in my tribute to PIE!
If you've made it through this LENGTHY entry, you deserve to enter my give-away this week...are you a PIE girl or do you flip for CAKE? Comment here or on my studio FACEBOOK page and you'll be entered to win a fee $12 glass charm. Check back on Friday to see if you're the random winner. If you really want me to dream of sweet treats while I'm working on oh-so-many more charms this week, tell me your FAVORITES...Yum!