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Monday, November 22, 2010

open house countdown photos...

I'm busily working on getting postcards ready to mail out tomorrow with Open House details. E-mails will also be sent out. This is the BIG one...that last opportunity to order custom glass and silver as gifts in time for giving.

Today I'll show off a few silver pieces...I'm hoping for better outdoor lighting tomorrow so I can snap NEW photos.
This is one of my new necklace options, available for wearing charms as a dangle from a 30" adjustable chain, spacing your charms for viewing! The necklace begins with 3 mini-clips, but I can add's like a charm bracelet!
This is one of my new "charm-keepers." Different sizes, shapes in copper or silver start as the base for your glass or silver charms. This heart dangles from an adjustable silk cord, but it's also great attached to a silver chain. I'm displaying various 1/2 inch silver and copper pieces on this piece, and remember that while I have some ready for shopping, I also make them especially for you!
Finally, the sterling charm-keeper with clips. I plan to have a handful of these made, because each time I put one on display, it leaves with a happy girl!

Stop by the blog again tomorrow for more busy elf (Sarah) photos!

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