Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Here we are...the time of the year that the studio is winding down after the lovely run of oodles of shows (um...over 40 this year!), loads of orders and so many new and repeat faces in the studio.

Can I truly express how honored I am that you think of me to make special gifts and your very personal jewelry? There are so many of you who I'd love to sit down with a cuppa and some chitty-chat...even though it may seem that I'm rushed during shows...know that I LOVE making your pretties and that I don't take it forgranted that you share treasured memories with me and encourage me to create...Wow!

The studio will be open for one final weekend...
Friday December 14th, 10-7
Saturday December 15th, 10-4 
I have all of the special orders finished. I sent out e-mails and made phone calls today. I have a few items from the torch that will mail out on Saturday. The studio will then close down through January 9th for some family-time and for my much-neglected other crafting...I have some really fun plans AND hope to get more inventory onto the website for ordering. AND I just found out that Christmas is at our house which gives me a really great excuse to get some organizing and cleaning done.
Thank you, friends...and Merry Christmas to YOU!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Big Studio News!!!

The WEBSITE opens tomorrow...finished or no, I have so much more I want to add, but with my show schedule this Fall, I have what I have. So...if you don't feel like going out to shop on Black Friday...stay in your jammies, sip a cuppa, and take a peek inside the studio!

Studio Open House next weekend...
  • Thursday November 29, 5-9pm
  • Friday November 30, 10-3 and 5-9pm
  • Saturday December 1, 10-6
  • need studio address? e-mail me at
If you've shopped in the studio, you know that this is the cut-off date for orders to be finished in time for Christmas. I will accept orders in the studio or on-line through December 1st, and then they are ready for pick-up at the Stop and Shop, December 14-15 OR mailed out on December 15. In order to finish the oodles of orders I get at this time, I cannot accept any rush orders, and if you want something that I normally have but am out of in the studio, YOU MUST ORDER IT or it won't get done.
I then close the studio from December 15-January 7th when the kiddos are back in school, so no orders will be filled during that time. Gotta get our tree up and bake the sugar cookies AND get MY shopping done! Last year I worked on some knitting, made 3 big batches of soap and canned some family loved me very much :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Where is Brown Dog?

 Where IS Brown Dog, or WHERE HAS SARAH BEEN?!
Obviously, I've been neglecting the blog, between 2 and 3 shows a week, and trying to get the new website up and running. (woohoo! I should be able to announce THOSE details before Thanksgiving!)
So...I've been okay with the Facebook page and seeing lots of friendly faces at shows and getting really dirty fingernails in the studio, making all sorts of pretties.
 Come find me THIS WEEKEND, at Centurylink Center Omaha (formerly the Quest Center), for the Autumn Festival.
It runs...
Thursday Nov 1 (11-9)
Friday Nov 2 (11-9)
Saturday Nov 3 (9-7)
Sunday Nov 4 (10-5)

Look for a coupon online or in the newspaper for $1off.

I am located in Hall C, Row J, 15 1/2-16.
I think it's HUGE :)

So I hope to be back in the studio next week, busily working on special orders and fun, new pretties for St. Marks, Junk Jubilee and Millard South, before getting ready for the studio Open House. Whew!

Can't wait to see you...and maybe finish my's so cool!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Studio Open House and GIVE-AWAY

I LOVE the fall Open House...It's the start of my fall shows and when I try to preview lots of new goodies I've been working on in the studio...

Thursday Sept 27 (5-8)
Friday Sept 28 (10-3 and 5-8)
Saturday Sept 29 (10-4)

Halloween, leather cuffs, vintage bits to add in with your charms...and more!
Here's a sampling...

and...pop over to the studio Facebook page to "like" the studio or comment on the photo of the bitty random winner will be announced on Thursday to win this little spider charm : )

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You can shop this Saturday...Nelly's Nest!

I have been busy in the studio. Getting lots of orders out, working on silver, bronze, leather cuffs, and of course MORE GLASS CHARMS!

I will be at Nelly's Nest for the Harvest Gathering this Saturday, September 8 from 10-4. I get lots of my displays (and more for the house!) at Janelle's store. You will find it at 33rd and B Streets. Here's a peek at some of what I'll be bringing...
 leather cuffs, bronze, beaded wraps galore!!!

 wrap rings (and my other ring selection)
 I found some GREAT game pieces!!!
 a new fairy was requested
a unique bronze and sterling bracelet
This will be my last set-up before the fall Studio Open House, scheduled for Thursday September 27-Saturday September 29. I need lots of time to get ready for the fall shows (at LEAST one every week through October and November!!!)
Can't wait to see you at Nelly's Nest...and I'm going to shop, wearing my boots!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Saturday August 25...

I am supposed to be at the Piedmont Market tomorrow from 8-noon, probably my last showing of the season so that I can get ready for my fall shows (see the side-bar for what's scheduled)

It's looking like RAIN (glorious rain!) is a very real possibility, I take 65% chance to be pretty real...
So...if rain does indeed look probable, I will make the call in the morning about whether to attend the market OR have the 4 hours at the studio. I'm not making that decision right now, because I'd love to be with the market folks, if possible!

If you plan to head out in the morning, just check my FB page (you don't have to be a Facebooker, yourself to peek at the studio FB page). I will post location choice at that time.

If you're not familiar with the studio location, just e-mail me at and I will happily give the address and directions :)

Lots of gorgeous new jewelry in the studio...leather, silver, bronze, glass

Just got back from Yankton Riverboat Days where leather and charms were quite popular!
I also sold almost all of my twisties and had to make lots of new ones this week!
I plan to post lots of photos over the next two weeks, to show what's fun, fun, fun in the studio!

Friday, August 3, 2012

At Piedmont on Saturday...lots of new leather

What was I supposed to do this week?
clean the studio!
What did I DO this week?
worked on loads of leather cuffs and leather-wraps!

I'll have them with me at the Piedmont Market on Saturday Aug 4 from 8-noon (tomorrow).  Come find me :)

I'm purposely NOT showing a photo of the afore-mentioned neglected studio. You'll have to take my word for the mess!

And remember, you can check out the studio ordering look-book at

Monday, July 16, 2012

Am I ready?

I've spent the past few weeks FINALLY getting my website ready for orders.
I'm glad you can't see the studio at the moment. The act of choosing what to put up on the site and the photo shoot means I have a very BIG mess, no lie ;P

No, it's still not point/click/pay on-line.
But I'll have 2 categories of jewelry available...

for "YOU CAN BUY", you'll see the exact Charms, Rings, Necklaces and Bracelets that you may purchase. I've listed prices and details for each of the items. Many of these are a single item I have in the studio. I may choose to make it again in the future, but that's the only one available right now. So these purchases will be on a first-come basis, and they are available to ship right away. These items will be in rotation and I'll be updating the site as the pretties sell.

E-mail me at with the item(s) you would like and I'll send you an invoice that can either be paid by check or Paypal. I can bring your items to my next event, set them in my dropbox or ship them to you. I won't be able to hold items without payment.

Photo Charms, Silver, Words, Schools and Initials are among the "ORDER" items. Obviously the photo charms and silver items will usually take the standard 2 week ordering time from when payment is received. There are a few types of ORDER items that may not require a wait. Initials, Words, Schools and Sports will be instantly available if I have them in stock. You'll follow the same ordering process (contact via e-mail) as you would with YOU CAN BUY items, in fact, you can order both at the same time. Pick-up/shipping will also be the same.

One very BIG change I've made in these ORDER items is pricing for standard-sized words, schools, initials and maps. In order to provide more variety in certain stock sizes styles without having to double, triple my inventory (and that would be scary!!), I will make YOUR word, phrase, school at the regular inventory charge of $12. So if your word is "flubber" and you want a long skinny charm, just like my other long skinny charms, and just supposing I don't regularly make that're in luck, I'll make it for you. Check out those categories to see what I'm offering at the $12 charge...lots of styles to choose from. Same goes for maps and high schools and sports. For maps, rather than trying to guess what to make, I'll have 5 or 6 shapes and sizes available and will make your map from one of my many atlases if I don't already have one for you!

Shipping will be either a $3 mailer (to start, non-glass items only) or USPS priority box for any order containing glass, which allows for several pieces in the one price box until we have to bump up to the next size.

I'm sure I haven't thought of everything...let me know :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July

The meaning of this day can get lost in all of the hoop-la...
Amidst family gatherings, planning a cookout and letting the young-uns set off a few displays, I get caught up in all the little things...until I have my "duh-moment" and put it all into perspective.

This year, with our eldest away for the summer (the baby we brought home from the hospital on the 4th to the neighborhood block party taking place on OUR front lawn, 19 years ago...that's how we met our new neighbors!), I've been more thoughtful. It helps that the hymn selections on Sunday were patriotic classics and I took time to really listen to those beautiful words and think about all of the veterans in the pews (and not) who helped keep my loved ones safe and free.

a very heart-felt thank you...

I will be at the Piedmont Market twice this month...
This coming Saturday, July 7th from 8-noon
and then July 21st.
I'm bringing special orders for several people. If you wonder if yours will be there, feel free to e-mail me :)
Due to the rain-out during my last appearance at the Market, I'll also have one basket of the $5 sale charms in addition to all sorts of regular inventory goodies.

See you there, and have a safe Independence Day!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

At the Market...bringing along the sale charms

I'll be at the Piedmont Farmer's Market on Saturday from 8 to noon.
1265 South Cotner Blvd, 50th and A Streets
I am bringing along the over 900 sale glass charms (now only $5 each) and lots of other sale inventory left over from the Garage Sale last weekend. That means there's still a lot to choose from.

I'll also be bringing a table of regularly-priced inventory charms & silver and several special orders promised from last week :)

Did I mention the new Gluten-free baker, Eazy Eatz Deli found at the Market?
They have quite the following with their yummy breads, cookies and cinnamon rolls :)
See you then...I wonder what other vendors will be bringing goodies to the Market?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Studio Garage Sale and Give-Away

Once a year I have a very fun event...
I call it the Brown Dog Studio Garage Sale!
Friday June 15 (10-7) Saturday June 16 (10-5)
At the studio...if you need the address, please e-mail me at
If you've visited the studio, you know that I'm always creating, making new pretties.
Sometimes I need to move on and move OUT some of these pretties to make room for other fun jewelry. I'm just tired of looking at something.'s fun for ME to clear out LOTS of charms and extras
it's fun for Lucy to set up
it's fun for YOU to get some great deals!
I'll have hundreds of glass charms pulled out of inventory (sometimes I even re-make these I said, it's about making some room and having fun!)
...some silver that I'm not ready to scrap yet
...necklace and bracelet styles that I'm ready to discontinue
LOTS and LOTS of jewelry supplies and vintage/antique displays.
What you will NOT find...any Long-household garage sale items. This is solely studio stuff :)
I also make regular studio items and custom ordering available at these times (we have a system so that you can shop BOTH)
This year there will be one twist on what I've been doing for the past 4 years.
...After the Garage Sale, I will be taking left-overs to the Piedmont Market, the following Saturday. I won't be adding more sale items to that date, and once the 2 sales are over, there isn't another opportunity to buy sale items until the following June :)
So, if you're a studio regular, OR if you're reading the blog you get first pick of the really good stuff...Lucky YOU!!!
Didn't I mention a Give-Away?!
2 random entries will be chosen to receive a small bronze heart ♥
The first entry will be chosen from ALL of the followers who LIKE Brown Dog Studio (both new and old)
Second entry
will be chosen from anyone commenting on studio blog or FB page from now until June 14 at midnight. "What is one of your favorite Brown Dog purchases?" I'll be re-posting this Give-away over the next 10 days...but you only need to comment once (unless you have a lot to say!)
I will announce the random winners on June 15 so that you are able to claim your bronze heart during the Garage Sale...if you pick it up June 15-16, I'll throw in a chain, otherwise, you can send me your contact info to have the little heart mailed to you...

Giveaway is closed ...
Good Luck, and I'm busily sorting stuff out of the studio...I love this show!

Monday, May 28, 2012

summer plans for studio

As usual, I have fun ideas for the studio...
There's the creative side of me that can never find enough time for all of my "really good ideas".

...and some truly FUN stuff is on the horizon :)

The side that has to work on business KNOWS I need to make more/easier ordering available AND work on a better or at least more streamlined system for going to shows.
But that cuts into my creative time...what's a girl to do?!

So...that's a BIG goal for the summer. 
I've also posted my Piedmont Market dates on the blog sidebar.

Have a few fun shows I'm signed up to attend.

ONLY ONE in-studio event until fall, with the exception of some fingerprint dates I'll announce as they happen.
I'm also going to look into doing private trunk shows in homes again. They would only be for custom orders, very limited shopping would be available.

First Piedmont date is this Saturday, June 2 from 8-noon...I can't wait!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Nelly's Nest Show May 19

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Janelle of Nelly's Nest invites me to participate in her antiques shows!
This isn't really standard practices for an antiques show, and I fluctuate between being oh-so honored that she'll add me to her list of vendors and feeling absolutely giddy that I will get to shop for some wonderfully chippy treasures! Some of my best displays come from Janelle's shop, by the way :)
 The show will run tomorrow, Saturday May 19 from 9-4. I am told that Famous Dave's is the food vendor for this show, oh YUM!
 Some great chippy ruler bits...these are too good.
 a vintage crystal button...who wore this cutie?
 a few new rescued silverware rings...I don't make these often, have to find the "just right" spoons!
and the piece de resistance...
(excuse my lack of accent marks...can't figure out how to add them on the blog after all of my years of French...desormais)
...prohibition gaming chips purchased while I was at Junk Jubilee.
I was only going to buy 10 until the dealer told me the story and then I doubled my purchase. But that's it...they'll be special for a few of us :)

The studio will then be closed (although you can still order via e-mail) for 2 weeks. We have a graduation and all the hoopla that goes along with such an event!
My next opening will be the Piedmont Market on June 2.
My studio calendar is nearly ready, and I will be adding LOTS of dates to the blog side-bar.

Come join the fun at Nelly's Nest :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Studio Open anniversary!

The studio is open Friday May 11 from 12-6 and Saturday May 12 from 10-1.
I have OODLES of lovely custom orders finished for pick-up and will have lots of pretties available for shopping. You can even place an order for yourself (or your mom) and include a "special gift is on the way" card if you were a bit late for Mother's Day :)

The next open dates in the studio will be sometime in June.

The studio give-away that started earlier this week will continue through Saturday. One lucky random winner who comments here or on the studio FB page will receive one of my chunky ball chain bracelets. What would YOU add to yours?
And...because I'm actually spending my anniversary (until 6pm) handing out momma-goodies, I will have an EXTRA give-away for studio blog and FB readers...
If you wish me "happy anniversary" while you're shopping, you'll be entered into a second drawing for a free chunky ball chain or $10 in the studio!
Can't wait to see you!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I will be open this evening (Thurs May 3) from 5-7 ONLY for special order pick-ups, no shopping. I'm already packed for Rockbrook in Omaha, Saturday May 5 (10-5).
NEXT week, I will have open studio, for certain Friday May 11 (12-6) and Sat May 12 (10-1). If I extend those hours, I will post them early in the week.
Here are some scenes from Junk Jubilee in Des Moines last weekend...
 Oh...the shopping to be had...I didn't do enough!
But I DID buy this little chalkboard to help clarify that the tins and laundry cart weren't for sale...could have sold the cart 50+ times for at least 4 times what I paid for it <3
I chose pink instead of my usual color palette, because the chalkboard is finding a home in Lucy's room after the show!
 Lucy and I had one photo together, thanks to the sweet Cynthia from The Little Red Washshed. The girl and I have some very funny stories about our adventure.
Come find me at one of my shows :)
When, oh when will I have time to get web-shopping set up?!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I missed you...and a Give-Away!

Obviously, I didn't miss ALL of you...many came to shop and visit at the open house and then at the Sacred Art Show (which I was only able to mention on Facebook)...but I did miss many of you...


I couldn't post for a week on the studio blog! Yipes!

Why? Technical issues that could have to do with the site itself or (please no!) my studio laptop.

I had so many lovely new pretties I wanted to show off last week...getting ready for Des Moines at the Junk Jubilee (April 27-29), then Rockbrook (May 5), then Studio Open House and pick-up (May 11-12).

So...YES, all orders from those last 2 shows will be ready for pick up and shopping at Rockbrook and the Open House. I MAY post a brief window for pick-up in Lincoln before I head to Rockbrook, but there would be NO shopping...I'll be all packed ;P

AND...I want to post a give-away...I need one! You can help me out!

I have lots of lovely glass initial charms. In the past, I've sorted them according to letter...go to one spot for all of the "A"s, etc.

What do you think about me sorting them according to style instead, or do you like the way I've been doing it? Lucy and I are divided on the "issue" and I take what she says to heart because sometimes she can see things I'm too close to with a different artist eye.

Comment on this post or on the studio Facebook page and I will choose a random winner for her choice of an initial from my inventory, when I return from Junk Jubilee Sunday evening. You'll be able to claim your initial charm at one of my May or June shows. If you're unable to attend a show during those months, I'll be happy to send you a 1/2 inch copper or silver charm :)

Can't wait to see what you think!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

...sneak peek of what's at the Open House...more to come!

Spring and Mother's Day Open House is THIS WEEK!
Thursday April 12 from 5-8
Friday April 13 from 10-3 and 5-8
Saturday April 14 from 10-3
fingerprint reservationswill be available
on Saturday April 14 from 10-noon ONLY
e-mail me at to RSVP don't need to RSVP to shop :)
to read more about fingerprints...look HERE
just gorgeous!great for grads :)some fun necklace!
I have so many more fun NEW items to show you...hope you can make it!

Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm a Speaker :)

Something a bit different for me...
I was invited to help lead a "table talk" for The Big Plate,
a "community for entrepreneurs, artists and innovators to connect, collaborate, and create".
One of the interesting parts of The Big Plate is the blog read...original articles (they call them "case studies") written about unique business start-ups...go HERE to have a look at their blog :)
And HERE is the link to the event I'll be at with photographer/artist Lisa Guerra (she's responsible for the great photos of me at work in the studio!)
If you have started your own business or have dreams for the future (or tomorrow!), it's worth looking at what Brian and Todd put together. It's also a fun read about some unique businesses, some local and some across the country (soon international?).
I'll post more next week about the open house in the studio. Please feel free to ask any questions about the business event or the Open House.
Happy some chocolate bunny ears...HOP!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Open House and FINGERPRINTS...

First...I've set the days/times for the Spring and Mother's Day Open House...
Thursday April 12 (5-8)
Friday April 13 (10-3 and 5-8)
Saturday April 14 (10-3)
fingerprint reservations available
Sat April 14 from 10-noon ONLY♥
I'll have extra help on hand so that
you can continue to shop at that time :)

So the buzz over the past week has centered on the photos I've posted (and the bracelet I've been wearing) with FINGERPRINTS!!!
I've had the means to do prints from the beginning of the studio, but haven't shown them off until now because I just haven't known HOW I could manage the logistics of doing this during's VERY time-consuming and non-"Sarah needs to work on other orders" friendly. AND... I need the KIDS to make this work, AND lots of mommies like/need to shop without the kiddos!
(a necklace I made with some sweet little baby prints...note that baby prints are more of an impression than regular prints...YOU try to hold those cutie little fingers steadily :) )
There are 2 kinds of prints...
♥those directly impressed into the recycled silver or bronze that then goes into my kiln for the LONG, HOT firing process. These prints would remind you more of ink on paper. They go INTO the metal. I can ONLY make these in the studio.
♥those in which I make a mold of your child's print and then use that mold to shape the metal. These will look more like a raised little print. I can take a mold of your child's print outside of the studio setting.
This photo of my bracelet shows both types of prints...
At the top of the photo, the silver heart and the bronze round next to it are both using prints pressed directly into the metal. I made both of them in a more formed shape and left room to stamp a name if desired.
The bronze prints towards the lower right side of the bracelet were both made using molds I had taken of prints. I made them look very organic and didn't leave room for stamping any names on them, but I could have left room for that.
My current thinking is that I will take print orders in a few ways...

FINGERPRINT TIME...I'll announce that I'm opening up for a few hours to take prints. Unless there's NO ONE ELSE waiting, I won't be able to help with other types of custom orders, and these won't be regular shopping times in the studio.
You'll need to e-mail me to make reservations for that day :)
Wondering if an after-school slot would be good? What about inviting friends and kids to your home? If other items are wanted, I could have order forms ready for your silver/glass custom orders, but NOT the ready-shopping items available in my studio or craft shows.
At SPECIALLY SCHEDULED times ONLY during an Open House.
I will have extra help on hand so that I can attend to prints while shopping and ordering are going on. I can make both types of prints described. I'll have my tools handy and a spot to keep all the prints separated so the right prints make it back to YOU!
You must e-mail me to reserve time for you and the kids...
I know you'll be respectful of these times. Otherwise, regular shopping at other times will get too congested with kids and people needing me to take their photo/silver orders.
Also, I don't plan to just open up to do prints upon request at this time. When would I get my other work done?
At CRAFT SHOWS...I won't have metal with me...just the molds. I would suggest for these days that you send me an e-mail to let me know you're coming with the kids :)
I plan to set up a page on the blog to answer fingerprint questions and pricing. I'll also announce "fingerprint times" on the sidebar with "where can you find me?"
Bronze prints start at $30 each
Silver prints start at $50 each
Next week I hope to post preview photos of the really fun new items I've been creating to debut at the Open House...postcards will be mailing on Wednesday or Thursday, I've got a lot to do!

Monday, March 26, 2012

at Millard West this Saturday and more studio updates

You can find me in Omaha this Saturday March 31st at Millard West, from 9-4. It looks as if I am in Wildcat 1 Gym this time, instead of my regular spot in the furthest gym.

This is THE time in March/April for me to be in Omaha, next Omaha date will be at Rockbrook, May 5. Lots of pretty charms, silver and other mixed metals :)

I'm posting a series of photos of good Mother's Day/other fun ideas...
I made this silver medal from an illustration my son drew of his Confirmation saint.

♥ ♥ ♥ This week's Studio Give-Away ♥ ♥ ♥ a $10 gift certificate to be used at the Studio Open House April 12-14. To be eligible to win, comment on the studio FB page or blog. I'll be announcing the winner, chosen randomly, on Friday after 5pm, so check back to see if you're the winner and contact me :) I'll be posting lots of photos of great ideas for gifts or for YOU! But you only need to comment once to be entered!

I have SO many wonderful things I'm working on for the Studio Open House...I'll be showing a preview HERE and on the FB page, the week leading up to the show...can't wait :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Find me at Faith Lutheran...another give-away

We had a great time visiting and helping all of our shoppers at St. Mark's on Saturday. Lovely bracelets and necklaces full of glass and silver went home with many happy girls.
Remember that you can find us this week:
Faith Lutheran at 89th and Adams
Saturday March 17 from 9-4.
Gorgeous day (although Lucy is wearing her Uggs!), so Brown Dog took a little field trip!
Where in the world (Lincoln) are Sarah and Lucy, and what could Sarah be shopping for?
The answer will come soon!
This week's give-away prize will be a 1/2 sterling initial charm. Just add your comment to this blog post or to the studio Facebook page to get your chance to be this week's random winner, to be announced on Friday after 5pm on the FB page.
Last week's winner, Reba, came and found me at St. Mark's and picked out a cute map of Rome!

Monday, March 5, 2012

At St. Mark's this give-away...maps

Hooray, you can find me open this week, on Saturday March 10 at St. Mark's Craft Show.

The church is located at 84th and Pioneers, and the show lasts from 9-4.

I have a nice, large space and am taking new silver, bronze and charms. I also have some great new necklace designs. I'll be happy to work with you on custom orders for silver and glass.

I have oodles of special orders ready to take to this show. If you wonder about yours, send me an e-mail.

Because I have THIS show and one at Faith Lutheran the following Saturday, AND one in Omaha at Millard West on March 31st, I don't anticipate opening up the studio this month. There's just not time to set it up in between I'd love to see you while I'm out and about :)
♥ ♥ ♥ Studio Give-Away...This week I've been working with more MAPS ♥To enter in the random drawing for a glass map charm, made for YOU, comment here or on the studio Facebook page...Tell me what city, state, country YOU would like to wear. Winner to be announced this Friday after 5, so check back to see if you're the lucky winner!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

working in the studio...and a give-away!

First, I feel honored to have been asked by Nelly's Nest and The Goods to join the antique party in their booths at the Event Center this past weekend. Lucy and I had a blast and it makes this vintage-loving chickie so happy to have been "in the mix" with the antique crowd.

I also slipped out of my spot a bit to do some shopping for some fab vintage items to re-purpose into jewelry...oh WOW!

Next, thanks to my fabulous customers who came to the show to see ME! I feel extra-special...a few of you scoped out great pieces for me, oh yes you DID! and one absolute sweet ♥ went and got me a morning coffee. Can it get better than that?!...

AND thanks to all the new customers/friends I met this weekend. You didn't come to a flea market, intending to shop for my pretties, but you DID, and you made me feel all creative and glad I do what I do! I'm so very inSpiRed and ready to get down to some serious jewelry-makin' this week!

♥ Studio give-away ♥ ...this week ONE random winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to be used in the studio DURING THE MONTH OF MARCH (you can also catch me at one of my out-and-about shows during the month). To have a chance at this fun-ness, add your comment on the studio FB page or blog...come back on Friday after 5pm to see if you're the LucKy winner. ♥What would YOU choose?

THANKS everyone who commented here and on the studio FB page...this give-away is closed :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

How to find me this weekend (Saturday AND Sunday)

Very important!...Winterfest Antique and Flea Market Sat Feb 25 (9-5) and Sun (10-4).

To FIND me (it's HUGE!!!), go in the doors to the main building and go to the large room on the left...I am almost at the end of the 4th row, next to Nelly's Nest and The Goods.

There's a lovely combination of antiques, jUnK and crafts in both of the big rooms...I'm in heaven ♥
There is a $3.50 entrance fee (find coupon in Lincoln paper for $1off!), if you shop with me and spend more than $25, I'll throw in your choice of one of my fave polishing pads or a 24inch chain...just let me know you saw the FB "special" ♥

GIVE-AWAY winner for this week is Miccia...e-mail me Miccia so you can choose your initial.

I have orders ready for Jane, Robin (for her mom), Callie, Sheri...more orders will be ready early next week. I'm also making First Communion and Confirmation gifts...let me know if you need one added to my in-box :)

I am hoping to work over the next few weeks with my sister, Emily, to make my pretties more available on-line...I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

fun event this week...and give-away

I'm so excited to be participating in this week's antique market at the Lancaster Event Center. My reason for going, besides my LOVE for all things junky and antique, is the invite from my friends from Nelly's Nest and The Goods, both shops I frequent displays and pieces of my jewelry are full of many vintage and repurposed items.

The show will take place at the Lancaster Event Center...84th and Havelock...don't mistake the dog show for the antique/flea show...unless you really want to look at, maybe I SHOULD go there, the brown dog and all :)

Saturday Feb 25, 9-5 and Sunday Feb 26, 10-4

There is an entrance fee of $3.50 to the show, so...if you come visit me and spend over $25, I will throw in either one of my fave polishing pads or a 24inch chain for being such a swell customer.

Last week's random winner of the glitter heart initial charm was Clara, who contacted me lickety-split to let me know she saw her win posted on the studio Facebook page.

Now for THIS week...comment on this blog post or on the studio FB page this week to have a chance to be the random winner of a 1/2 inch sterling initial charm...the EXTRA special news is that if there are over 100 commenters, there will be a second winner! Woohoo! I'll announce the winner(s) on Friday after 5pm.

I am busily creating MORE (really!?) pretties in the studio.

Good luck, and happy week to all :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Open Hours and Give-away

Happy Valentine's Day!!!I hope HuGs, sMooChes and lve have been a big part of your day...

Last week was so fun, and since I don't have an on-the-road show until next week, I decided to open the studio again this week...

Thursday, Feb 16 from 12-3 and 5-7.

The next time I'll have jewelry available will be Feb 25-26 at the Lancaster Event Center for Winterfest Antique and Flea Market.

This Week's give-away will be for a lovely little initial charm (shown above). The glass charm holds an initial on a glittery red heart. I have most letters made, but I'll make yours for you if it's not in the studio.

To enter in the give-away, you should comment on this post or on the studio FB page. One lucky winner will be chosen randomly and announced after 5pm on Friday :)

Last week's winner was Addie...Addie has contacted me, and her sweet little earrings will get popped into the mail, lickety-split!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Open hours this week...give-away!

I am opening up the studio this Thursday (Feb 9) from 10-3 and 5-6:30...if you have any shopping, special order ideas for this month...this will be the time to do it :)

I've been adding spring shows to the "where can you find me" category on the sidebar...can you believe this is when I sign up for my Fall shows, too!?
For this week's studio give-away, a lovely pair of sweetheart earrings...complete with little chunks of turquoise, some of my organic sterling nuggets, torched at my workbench, and some bits of pinks...these will be available to one random winner who comments on this post or on the studio FB page (that's where most of you have been lately ;P ) I'll pick the winner on Friday, so check back after 5pm Friday, and if you're the lucky-ducky, you'll contact me to claim your goodies.

Missy was the winner of last week's give-away, and has already contacted me via FB...thanks to everyone who visited the blog and FB, and good luck this week!

A studio note...

GOOD...cutting over 1000 of my lovely sterling heavy gauge jumprings...
BAD...tumbling them all together to have to separate all of the sizes from each other ;P

At least now I can ready all of the bronze, sterling, and copper charms I've been creating in the studio!