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Monday, April 2, 2012

Open House and FINGERPRINTS...

First...I've set the days/times for the Spring and Mother's Day Open House...
Thursday April 12 (5-8)
Friday April 13 (10-3 and 5-8)
Saturday April 14 (10-3)
fingerprint reservations available
Sat April 14 from 10-noon ONLY♥
I'll have extra help on hand so that
you can continue to shop at that time :)

So the buzz over the past week has centered on the photos I've posted (and the bracelet I've been wearing) with FINGERPRINTS!!!
I've had the means to do prints from the beginning of the studio, but haven't shown them off until now because I just haven't known HOW I could manage the logistics of doing this during's VERY time-consuming and non-"Sarah needs to work on other orders" friendly. AND... I need the KIDS to make this work, AND lots of mommies like/need to shop without the kiddos!
(a necklace I made with some sweet little baby prints...note that baby prints are more of an impression than regular prints...YOU try to hold those cutie little fingers steadily :) )
There are 2 kinds of prints...
♥those directly impressed into the recycled silver or bronze that then goes into my kiln for the LONG, HOT firing process. These prints would remind you more of ink on paper. They go INTO the metal. I can ONLY make these in the studio.
♥those in which I make a mold of your child's print and then use that mold to shape the metal. These will look more like a raised little print. I can take a mold of your child's print outside of the studio setting.
This photo of my bracelet shows both types of prints...
At the top of the photo, the silver heart and the bronze round next to it are both using prints pressed directly into the metal. I made both of them in a more formed shape and left room to stamp a name if desired.
The bronze prints towards the lower right side of the bracelet were both made using molds I had taken of prints. I made them look very organic and didn't leave room for stamping any names on them, but I could have left room for that.
My current thinking is that I will take print orders in a few ways...

FINGERPRINT TIME...I'll announce that I'm opening up for a few hours to take prints. Unless there's NO ONE ELSE waiting, I won't be able to help with other types of custom orders, and these won't be regular shopping times in the studio.
You'll need to e-mail me to make reservations for that day :)
Wondering if an after-school slot would be good? What about inviting friends and kids to your home? If other items are wanted, I could have order forms ready for your silver/glass custom orders, but NOT the ready-shopping items available in my studio or craft shows.
At SPECIALLY SCHEDULED times ONLY during an Open House.
I will have extra help on hand so that I can attend to prints while shopping and ordering are going on. I can make both types of prints described. I'll have my tools handy and a spot to keep all the prints separated so the right prints make it back to YOU!
You must e-mail me to reserve time for you and the kids...
I know you'll be respectful of these times. Otherwise, regular shopping at other times will get too congested with kids and people needing me to take their photo/silver orders.
Also, I don't plan to just open up to do prints upon request at this time. When would I get my other work done?
At CRAFT SHOWS...I won't have metal with me...just the molds. I would suggest for these days that you send me an e-mail to let me know you're coming with the kids :)
I plan to set up a page on the blog to answer fingerprint questions and pricing. I'll also announce "fingerprint times" on the sidebar with "where can you find me?"
Bronze prints start at $30 each
Silver prints start at $50 each
Next week I hope to post preview photos of the really fun new items I've been creating to debut at the Open House...postcards will be mailing on Wednesday or Thursday, I've got a lot to do!

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