Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

getting ready for Stop and Shop!

Today it's all about new leather cuffs...
I was down to a sad little half-dozen leather cuffs, and when I started working, it got a bit out of hand :)

I LOVE this "believe" cuff is in green...

You have to see the closure on the "courage" cuff...vintage crystal button...I made some charms out of a few of them, too.

VERY wide Faith and Lucky Girl cuffs!

Come see me for the Studio Stop and Shop...these cuffs will be available, as well as the gorgeous mixed metals I posted yesterday.
Friday Dec 16 (10-3 and 5-8) and Saturday Dec 17 (10-5)...last pre-Christmas shopping and order pick-ups :)
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

more photos for Stop and Shop

Today's photos showcase mixed metals. All of these will be available at the Stop and Shop, running Friday Dec 16 (10-3 and 5-8) and Saturday Dec 17 (10-5).
bronze angel heart with sterling "love" bead and limited edition confetti bead

vintage key, star dottie, copper heart and sunny yellow confetti bead

vintage key (LOVE the shape of this one!), eiffel tower silver AND one of my new sterling-wrapped "herkimer diamonds"...below shows it from another view...

I'll be posting more photos tomorrow...and may have a few surprises left for Friday and Saturday!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting Ready for Stop and Shop Friday and Saturday...

This Friday and Saturday (Dec 16 and 17) will be the final days of the season for shopping in the studio.
I have everyone's orders ready for pick-up, as well as a studio brimming with fun ready-to-gift (or keep) pretties.
I played with some silver and glass over the past week, in addition to my orders...
a new WIDE silver band, as requested by Deb...a fun take on bird bands...this one's mine!

and a few pieces of junk-to-treasure...license plate initials...this is what I have...unless you bring me plates, I cannot take special requests for letters or colors of letters. My studio cannot hold any more collections ;P

Come see me Friday 10-3 and 5-8 and Saturday 10-5...let's hope for better weather this time around! More photos tomorrow!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting ready for Stop and Shop next week :)

Wowee...I am AHEAD of schedule for getting all of my special orders ready for mailing and the Stop and Shop.

Which means...I get to make some NEW pretties just in time for those shopping days:
Fri Dec 16, 10-3, 5-9 AND Sat Dec 17, 10-4

I plan to start posting daily photos, beginning on Sunday!

Back to work...I need a latté!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Photos Day 4...Studio Open House continues Friday and Saturday

More photos...
If you've missed what I've been sharing this week...

Bottle o'treasure with a special topper!
a few views of fun necklace combos...including vintage key, dottie heart and vintage chandalier crystal

I filled in lots of area schools...if you come from Omaha to shop, just ask me to pull out the Omaha schools for you to see!

The Open House will continue tomorrow...

Friday Dec 2 (10-3 and 5-9) and Saturday Dec 3 (10-6)Posted by Picasa

I'll have extra help during all of my hours to make the shopping experience extra-delightful :)

e-mail me if you need studio address!