Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fairy Collage Charms
Thursday March 12, 6-8pm
at Simply Bungalow
$50, class size limited to 6
Contact Sarah OR Simply Bungalow to Register and Pay for Class
Artist Sarah Long/Brown Dog Studio
Do you love my sweet Fairies and Friends charms? In this class, I’ll teach the creative process of layering your photos with other mediums to create your own fairy charms! I will supply tools, pens and other artsy bits. You will finish the artwork for 2 fairy charms in class. Your fairy collages will then be placed between glass and soldered…The finished pieces will be ready within a few days to be picked up at Simply Bungalow. Please note that you will not be learning glass cutting or other soldering skills in this class. All finishing work will be done by the instructor.
This 2-hour class is $50, and must be paid in advance in order to reserve a seat. Class size is limited to 6. All supplies will be provided for the class. If you want to use YOUR photos and have a personalized proof sheet for use in class, please contact Sarah AT LEAST 3 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE CLASS. Otherwise, I’ll come with some ready fairy girls, photos, wording, props, etc. You will be able to create 2 charms.  E-mail Sarah: