Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Friday, August 16, 2013

Getting ready for the Fall Season...and on the road!

The studio continues to stay busy and I've been getting ready for a few changes with the beginning of my crazy (and wonderful) fall schedule! Thanks for a wonderful summer, to all of you who continue to follow and support the studio and to you new friendly faces I've just met.'s gotten impossible to have EVERYTHING available all of the time...words, sports, teams, schools and more. In the past, my standard reply to special requests was to encourage you to look for something in a few weeks to see if I'd had time to make it. SURE, I'd just add a particular breed of dog, song title or piece of map to my regular line-up. Now, with all of the orders that fill up my workbench, I'm going to suggest that if you would like to make sure you can have your special word, phrase in one of my inventory styles of glass or metals, you should order it, either in person at one of my shows or on-line via email or the website. Otherwise, I don't always have time to make it happen. It's still just ME making all the pretties in the studio.

I have some major over-hauling to do over the next few weeks for displays and the website, and I HOPE that will make it much easier to order standard sizes and styles of charms that fall under the category of "regular line-up", therefore being the same cost as charms you would buy off of the tables! There will be an additional cost for extra customizing. Once you order and pay for your charms, you can be sure that they will be ready for you to pick up at an upcoming show or popped into the mail (and who wouldn't like a little Brown Dog love coming through the post!).

I have an impressive fall line-up, filled with shows and many new pretties. 

I'm VERY busy creating and running around to shows, in addition to mom-duties. The studio remains in pack-mode, except when I'm setting up for an open house in the studio, which will be the ONLY times available for shopping. There's no easy way for me to set up a place to shop while I'm working, and I need to keep myself on schedule to finish the pretties! But I'm always happy to take requests for a Drop-Box Pick-Up (more details to come...)! I WILL be offering times for Private Trunk shows in the week surrounding each open house. SO...If you would really like some quiet (?!) time to gather with some friends, make sure to ask to reserve one of those when they become available. 

The Fall Open Studio will be Thursday September 26-Saturday September 28, so I foresee offering times a few days before and after the show, before I become fully immersed in back-to-back (and then some!) shows in October.

Now...I'm off to Riverboat Days this weekend with a van FULL to the brim.
See you soon!