Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Monday, July 16, 2012

Am I ready?

I've spent the past few weeks FINALLY getting my website ready for orders.
I'm glad you can't see the studio at the moment. The act of choosing what to put up on the site and the photo shoot means I have a very BIG mess, no lie ;P

No, it's still not point/click/pay on-line.
But I'll have 2 categories of jewelry available...

for "YOU CAN BUY", you'll see the exact Charms, Rings, Necklaces and Bracelets that you may purchase. I've listed prices and details for each of the items. Many of these are a single item I have in the studio. I may choose to make it again in the future, but that's the only one available right now. So these purchases will be on a first-come basis, and they are available to ship right away. These items will be in rotation and I'll be updating the site as the pretties sell.

E-mail me at with the item(s) you would like and I'll send you an invoice that can either be paid by check or Paypal. I can bring your items to my next event, set them in my dropbox or ship them to you. I won't be able to hold items without payment.

Photo Charms, Silver, Words, Schools and Initials are among the "ORDER" items. Obviously the photo charms and silver items will usually take the standard 2 week ordering time from when payment is received. There are a few types of ORDER items that may not require a wait. Initials, Words, Schools and Sports will be instantly available if I have them in stock. You'll follow the same ordering process (contact via e-mail) as you would with YOU CAN BUY items, in fact, you can order both at the same time. Pick-up/shipping will also be the same.

One very BIG change I've made in these ORDER items is pricing for standard-sized words, schools, initials and maps. In order to provide more variety in certain stock sizes styles without having to double, triple my inventory (and that would be scary!!), I will make YOUR word, phrase, school at the regular inventory charge of $12. So if your word is "flubber" and you want a long skinny charm, just like my other long skinny charms, and just supposing I don't regularly make that're in luck, I'll make it for you. Check out those categories to see what I'm offering at the $12 charge...lots of styles to choose from. Same goes for maps and high schools and sports. For maps, rather than trying to guess what to make, I'll have 5 or 6 shapes and sizes available and will make your map from one of my many atlases if I don't already have one for you!

Shipping will be either a $3 mailer (to start, non-glass items only) or USPS priority box for any order containing glass, which allows for several pieces in the one price box until we have to bump up to the next size.

I'm sure I haven't thought of everything...let me know :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July

The meaning of this day can get lost in all of the hoop-la...
Amidst family gatherings, planning a cookout and letting the young-uns set off a few displays, I get caught up in all the little things...until I have my "duh-moment" and put it all into perspective.

This year, with our eldest away for the summer (the baby we brought home from the hospital on the 4th to the neighborhood block party taking place on OUR front lawn, 19 years ago...that's how we met our new neighbors!), I've been more thoughtful. It helps that the hymn selections on Sunday were patriotic classics and I took time to really listen to those beautiful words and think about all of the veterans in the pews (and not) who helped keep my loved ones safe and free.

a very heart-felt thank you...

I will be at the Piedmont Market twice this month...
This coming Saturday, July 7th from 8-noon
and then July 21st.
I'm bringing special orders for several people. If you wonder if yours will be there, feel free to e-mail me :)
Due to the rain-out during my last appearance at the Market, I'll also have one basket of the $5 sale charms in addition to all sorts of regular inventory goodies.

See you there, and have a safe Independence Day!