Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Thursday, June 21, 2012

At the Market...bringing along the sale charms

I'll be at the Piedmont Farmer's Market on Saturday from 8 to noon.
1265 South Cotner Blvd, 50th and A Streets
I am bringing along the over 900 sale glass charms (now only $5 each) and lots of other sale inventory left over from the Garage Sale last weekend. That means there's still a lot to choose from.

I'll also be bringing a table of regularly-priced inventory charms & silver and several special orders promised from last week :)

Did I mention the new Gluten-free baker, Eazy Eatz Deli found at the Market?
They have quite the following with their yummy breads, cookies and cinnamon rolls :)
See you then...I wonder what other vendors will be bringing goodies to the Market?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Studio Garage Sale and Give-Away

Once a year I have a very fun event...
I call it the Brown Dog Studio Garage Sale!
Friday June 15 (10-7) Saturday June 16 (10-5)
At the studio...if you need the address, please e-mail me at
If you've visited the studio, you know that I'm always creating, making new pretties.
Sometimes I need to move on and move OUT some of these pretties to make room for other fun jewelry. I'm just tired of looking at something.'s fun for ME to clear out LOTS of charms and extras
it's fun for Lucy to set up
it's fun for YOU to get some great deals!
I'll have hundreds of glass charms pulled out of inventory (sometimes I even re-make these I said, it's about making some room and having fun!)
...some silver that I'm not ready to scrap yet
...necklace and bracelet styles that I'm ready to discontinue
LOTS and LOTS of jewelry supplies and vintage/antique displays.
What you will NOT find...any Long-household garage sale items. This is solely studio stuff :)
I also make regular studio items and custom ordering available at these times (we have a system so that you can shop BOTH)
This year there will be one twist on what I've been doing for the past 4 years.
...After the Garage Sale, I will be taking left-overs to the Piedmont Market, the following Saturday. I won't be adding more sale items to that date, and once the 2 sales are over, there isn't another opportunity to buy sale items until the following June :)
So, if you're a studio regular, OR if you're reading the blog you get first pick of the really good stuff...Lucky YOU!!!
Didn't I mention a Give-Away?!
2 random entries will be chosen to receive a small bronze heart ♥
The first entry will be chosen from ALL of the followers who LIKE Brown Dog Studio (both new and old)
Second entry
will be chosen from anyone commenting on studio blog or FB page from now until June 14 at midnight. "What is one of your favorite Brown Dog purchases?" I'll be re-posting this Give-away over the next 10 days...but you only need to comment once (unless you have a lot to say!)
I will announce the random winners on June 15 so that you are able to claim your bronze heart during the Garage Sale...if you pick it up June 15-16, I'll throw in a chain, otherwise, you can send me your contact info to have the little heart mailed to you...

Giveaway is closed ...
Good Luck, and I'm busily sorting stuff out of the studio...I love this show!