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Monday, May 28, 2012

summer plans for studio

As usual, I have fun ideas for the studio...
There's the creative side of me that can never find enough time for all of my "really good ideas".

...and some truly FUN stuff is on the horizon :)

The side that has to work on business KNOWS I need to make more/easier ordering available AND work on a better or at least more streamlined system for going to shows.
But that cuts into my creative time...what's a girl to do?!

So...that's a BIG goal for the summer. 
I've also posted my Piedmont Market dates on the blog sidebar.

Have a few fun shows I'm signed up to attend.

ONLY ONE in-studio event until fall, with the exception of some fingerprint dates I'll announce as they happen.
I'm also going to look into doing private trunk shows in homes again. They would only be for custom orders, very limited shopping would be available.

First Piedmont date is this Saturday, June 2 from 8-noon...I can't wait!!!

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