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Friday, May 18, 2012

Nelly's Nest Show May 19

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Janelle of Nelly's Nest invites me to participate in her antiques shows!
This isn't really standard practices for an antiques show, and I fluctuate between being oh-so honored that she'll add me to her list of vendors and feeling absolutely giddy that I will get to shop for some wonderfully chippy treasures! Some of my best displays come from Janelle's shop, by the way :)
 The show will run tomorrow, Saturday May 19 from 9-4. I am told that Famous Dave's is the food vendor for this show, oh YUM!
 Some great chippy ruler bits...these are too good.
 a vintage crystal button...who wore this cutie?
 a few new rescued silverware rings...I don't make these often, have to find the "just right" spoons!
and the piece de resistance...
(excuse my lack of accent marks...can't figure out how to add them on the blog after all of my years of French...desormais)
...prohibition gaming chips purchased while I was at Junk Jubilee.
I was only going to buy 10 until the dealer told me the story and then I doubled my purchase. But that's it...they'll be special for a few of us :)

The studio will then be closed (although you can still order via e-mail) for 2 weeks. We have a graduation and all the hoopla that goes along with such an event!
My next opening will be the Piedmont Market on June 2.
My studio calendar is nearly ready, and I will be adding LOTS of dates to the blog side-bar.

Come join the fun at Nelly's Nest :)

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