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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I missed you...and a Give-Away!

Obviously, I didn't miss ALL of you...many came to shop and visit at the open house and then at the Sacred Art Show (which I was only able to mention on Facebook)...but I did miss many of you...


I couldn't post for a week on the studio blog! Yipes!

Why? Technical issues that could have to do with the site itself or (please no!) my studio laptop.

I had so many lovely new pretties I wanted to show off last week...getting ready for Des Moines at the Junk Jubilee (April 27-29), then Rockbrook (May 5), then Studio Open House and pick-up (May 11-12).

So...YES, all orders from those last 2 shows will be ready for pick up and shopping at Rockbrook and the Open House. I MAY post a brief window for pick-up in Lincoln before I head to Rockbrook, but there would be NO shopping...I'll be all packed ;P

AND...I want to post a give-away...I need one! You can help me out!

I have lots of lovely glass initial charms. In the past, I've sorted them according to letter...go to one spot for all of the "A"s, etc.

What do you think about me sorting them according to style instead, or do you like the way I've been doing it? Lucy and I are divided on the "issue" and I take what she says to heart because sometimes she can see things I'm too close to with a different artist eye.

Comment on this post or on the studio Facebook page and I will choose a random winner for her choice of an initial from my inventory, when I return from Junk Jubilee Sunday evening. You'll be able to claim your initial charm at one of my May or June shows. If you're unable to attend a show during those months, I'll be happy to send you a 1/2 inch copper or silver charm :)

Can't wait to see what you think!

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  1. I think you should continue to sort them by the initial. I think it would be easier for everyone to find exactly what kind of letter they want that way. In other words, to keep it like it is.