Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

working in the studio...and a give-away!

First, I feel honored to have been asked by Nelly's Nest and The Goods to join the antique party in their booths at the Event Center this past weekend. Lucy and I had a blast and it makes this vintage-loving chickie so happy to have been "in the mix" with the antique crowd.

I also slipped out of my spot a bit to do some shopping for some fab vintage items to re-purpose into jewelry...oh WOW!

Next, thanks to my fabulous customers who came to the show to see ME! I feel extra-special...a few of you scoped out great pieces for me, oh yes you DID! and one absolute sweet ♥ went and got me a morning coffee. Can it get better than that?!...

AND thanks to all the new customers/friends I met this weekend. You didn't come to a flea market, intending to shop for my pretties, but you DID, and you made me feel all creative and glad I do what I do! I'm so very inSpiRed and ready to get down to some serious jewelry-makin' this week!

♥ Studio give-away ♥ ...this week ONE random winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to be used in the studio DURING THE MONTH OF MARCH (you can also catch me at one of my out-and-about shows during the month). To have a chance at this fun-ness, add your comment on the studio FB page or blog...come back on Friday after 5pm to see if you're the LucKy winner. ♥What would YOU choose?

THANKS everyone who commented here and on the studio FB page...this give-away is closed :)


  1. Antiques and family. What better theme for charms? I plan to have Brown Dog Studio make me a charm of my grandmother's old sepia-toned photo. The photo looks exactly like me, only it was 1937. When people see this photo their jaws drop at the resemblance! Then I would enhance with word charms that speak to the love of family. -

  2. You're so welcome, we loved having you at the flea market! I LOVE my new necklace, I'm wearing it today!