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Friday, January 13, 2012

trying something new...

Because I feel like a LucKy GiRl!

A new year seems to bring out the "gotta make some changes" in me.

I'm wanting to make the studio better for you, me (and my family)...

plus, it's just fun to try something new!

So...I'm looking for a way to offer some ready-made pretties when the studio isn't open. You can always place orders via e-mail. Just know that your order will take a few weeks, you can't rush ART! It will generally be ready in time for an upcoming show, or to go in the mail at the end of those 2 weeks. In order for me to spend quality-time with my tools and GET STUFF DONE (really!?), I don't check e-mails multiple times a day or schedule drop-in shopping. I'm going to continue making private shopping and trunk shows available by appointment on announced days leading up to Open Houses...You'll have to watch the blog or FB for those updates :)

On a first-claim basis...Photos of items (with price) ready for purchase will be added to the "Available glass and silver" page which is found right under my header (I'll also be listing them on studio FB page). I'll add details to the photos and IF any changes can be made to the item, if there are multiples of the item or if it is One-of-a-kind.

E-mail me to claim it. This is the're welcome to comment on the photo or "Like" it on FB (in fact, I'd LOVE that!), but the E-mail is how I'll know to contact you. You'll be able to pay via mail or paypal (I'll have to send you an invoice).

I'm sure I'll have to tweak this along the way...but here it goes (bring out trumpets!)

"find your sparkle" glass charm, wrapped black patina (sterling) pale blue drop and dottie patina star on 30 inch gun metal ball chain...$45

One of a kind heart glass bead, sterling components, hand-cast silver "love" bead...$35

"lucky girl" long skinny glass charm, dottie patina shamrock, sterling wrapped green drop charm on 30 inch gun metal black chain...$45...the chain can be changed out to silver color or upgraded to sterling.

One of a kind leather cord bracelet, sterling components, forged sterling heart, copper tube bead, gorgeous glass heart bead...$30

bead ball bracelet with pink floral drop, bronze cupcake and one of my last confetti beads...$29

1 1/2 inch wide green leather FAITH cuff. Copper FAITH and closure which reads "blessed"...$35

medium brown "COURAGE" leather and sterling cuff, one inch wide. Closure is shown of my limited supply of vintage glass crystal buttons...$35

Sterling charm keeper with sterling silver cross (faith), hope and heart (love), on 30 inch NON sterling chain...$49...chain can be upgraded to sterling at additional charge.

vintage clear glass crystals soldered into earring drops...hanging from sterling ear wires...$30

"tickled pink" long skinny dottie charm (with tiny cutie pink bead), dottie patina heart and wrapped black patina amethyst drop on 30 inch chain...$46...chain can be upgraded at additional charge.

sterling heart, tiny (1/2 inch) round dottie glass charm with vintage rhinestone, vintage key on 30 inch chain...$38

***note***I have one of these tiny rhinestone charms and wear it ALL the time...I LOVE it!

3/4 inch clear glass square charm with silver rhinestone "C" (I have other initials available or will make them if they are not in stock, and will sell them upon request at the same cost, $15 each), with HEAVY 18 inch bead ball with one medium clip (new item in studio!)...necklace $27

One inch dottie sequin flower box in aqua...$15

In the future, these will be on the page I indicated...You can e-mail me at to request any of these pretties or to order custom goodies...

Postage for any GLASS items will be in a priority box...$5.20

NON-glass items can be shipped in a bubble mailer...$3

Multiple items can be shipped together, I'll have to tell you when it gets too heavy for these rates.

I think I need a cuppa coffee, and then off to create :)

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