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Thursday, October 13, 2011

New...from old!

Once every few months I look at a growing pile of silver boo-boos...the "Jack" you ordered was "Jake," I mis-counted how many letters could fit on a line, I'm tired of that ring...

I start thinking about the possibilities of that little tin filling with unwanted names, quotes and dates...

This week, in the midst of EVerYThinG I needed to do to get ready for a whirlwind of FIVE shows in 2 weeks...I had a fun little idea. And a creative girl needs to play with fire every now and then ;P

It was a lovely day on my porch, and play with fire I did...the result is over a dozen of these new little crosses. They are all different. Some have very distinct segments, some stayed in the flame longer and got that special flame-y look (I'm keeping one of those!), and some received a little gem on the front. I haven't decided if I am going to stamp on any of them or what degree of patina they may receive.
I am bringing ONE to Cathedral today. I'm not sure if any will make it to the Southwest show this Saturday, October 15 (I hope so, but a girl does have to snuggle her family when she gets home from Cathedral the next few evenings!)

...but THESE will!

I have more of the LSW mom charms (and other schools) and ONE each of the dottie hearts for most of the schools.

LOTS of other new pretties will be with me, especially if you weren't able to make it to my open house October 1st.

Can't wait to show these off!

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