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Monday, June 6, 2011

Studio Garage Sale...and winner!

This week is the studio Garage Sale...that means NO Long-family cast-offs, only charms, jewelry, and studio supplies are being offered.

I've already sorted out over 200 charms to go home for $5 each. These are charms I'm sorting out to make room for LOTS of new pretties.

I also have some necklaces, bracelets, dangles and MORE that are being cleared out of the studio.

There will also be some sterling offerings that will be discounted before they become SCRAP so that I can re-make them into something else.

I have a small number of metal charms that are names I either mis-spelled or made a few of them as examples. If YOU need this name, word... what a match!

HOURS...Wed June 8 (6-9...this time is only being offered to those reading the blog, you lucky-ducky!)
Thurs June 9 (10-5)
NO FRIDAY...Whew! Lucy and I need a break :)
Sat June 11 (10-4)

Normally I hold this outdoors and also offer access to the rest of the studio, but if it's as hot as it was today (!) I'll rearrange the studio to accomodate the event.

If you need directions to the studio, please e-mail me.

Amber is the winner of the latest give-away for her choice of bitty glass charm. Contact me, Amber to claim your pretty charm.

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