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Friday, June 3, 2011

Brown Dog Garage Sale...NO Piedmont on Saturday

It's the BIG one...the ONE time a year that I have any kind of sale in the studio!

I'm busily pulling out sale charms...ones I'm tired of looking at at show after show, but they're GREAT if you haven't been looking at them too long (sometimes a FEW shows is too long for me!)

I also have some bracelet/necklace styles that I'm done with...

Toying with a few sterling items at a slight discount before I send them off for scrap :)

Hours and dates for this sale (I'll post more details on Monday, and if you're on my list, you'll get an e-mail, followers get one surprise detail!)

Wed June 8, 6-9 (you'll only know about this preview if you've read the blog or FB)
Thurs June 9, 10-5 (I'm extending Thursday studio hours)
Saturday June 11, 10-4 (no Friday, Lucy and I need a break WHEW! and no Piedmont)

Also, I'm not going to Piedmont tomorrow. I need more time to sort through the studio for sale items for YOU!

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