Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday at Piedmont...what's new

I've decided to add this Saturday to my Piedmont dates...come see me from 8-noon at the Piedmont Market, located at Cotner and A Streets...
Some VERY fun Patriotic glass charms...and more of these!

Some great new designs for Nebraska charms...these will be showing up for some other charms, as well

My studio hours on Thursday will be from 10-2, but I will be ducking out for a few minutes around noon to pick someone up from a summer activity. If I'm not here when you come by, it should just be a brief wait :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This week and Benson re-cap...

Here's what's coming THIS week...
Thursday studio hours, 10-2
Piedmont Market...Saturday June 25 (8-noon)

Last week...very fun week. In addition to my studio hours and working on my studio want-list, Lucy and I spent Saturday at the Benson Summerfest in Omaha. A very SOGGY start (thank goodness we brought the canopy!) turned into a wonderful day. Not too hot, lots of interesting art, and lots of new visitors to the studio.

One of the sweet surprises, Erin, an artist who was offering free sketches in her booth. Lucy and I took turns visiting, and asked her to add in the Brown Dog. Look for this little drawing to be framed in the studio! Erin was so fun to work with...I have a non-studio project I hope to commission later this summer! Head over to her site, e-customcards to see her original, personalized cards. I'll bet you'll think of someone (or many) who would love to get one of these cards :)

I have a handful of requests on the workbench. Fun mix of silver and photos and other interest. I am continuing to work on bitties...I have a growing PILE of new cute little glass charms of all types. One request I get over and over...number charms. I have been making these by special order in glass and silver. I have a few made for purchase in a small variety of numbers. My current offerings are in silver, bitties and small glass bubbles.

So...for this week's give-away (wow, lucky, dedicated YOU, who read to the end of this entry!), what NUMBER would you be wearing...hmmm...number of children, a significant number, your child's (children's) jersey number, your age? Post your response here, or on the studio Facebook page to be randomly chosen for your number choice on a 1/2 inch silver disk. I'll announce the winner next Monday!

Have a great week, and come find me at the Piedmont Market on Saturday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's new this week?

I've been working on CHARMS this week...I have a lovely list of "want-to's" that I'm working through, until I get distracted with another fun idea in the studio ;)

Before I show off a bit of the NEW...remember
Studio hours this week...Thurs 10-2
Benson Summerfest in Omaha...this Saturday, June 18, from 9-5
I'll be back at Piedmont NEXT Saturday (June 25)

Now...Enjoy :)

These are some of the colorful bubbles I worked on last week...

These are a FEW of the new Bubble Drops...I started out with about 20 in I stopped at nearly 100...but OH-so FUN! (and more on the way!)

A start of this week's bitties...oh my! I'm embarassed to say how many I have planned.

I started playing with dotties and patina...and couldn't stop!

I even added the special finish to some of the nearly 500 SALE art charms I had for the studio sale. These religious art charms will remain on sale in the studio for $5 each, until they are gone.

I'll post more new pretties NEXT week...wish me lots of time for my ideas.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Studio Garage Sale...and winner!

This week is the studio Garage Sale...that means NO Long-family cast-offs, only charms, jewelry, and studio supplies are being offered.

I've already sorted out over 200 charms to go home for $5 each. These are charms I'm sorting out to make room for LOTS of new pretties.

I also have some necklaces, bracelets, dangles and MORE that are being cleared out of the studio.

There will also be some sterling offerings that will be discounted before they become SCRAP so that I can re-make them into something else.

I have a small number of metal charms that are names I either mis-spelled or made a few of them as examples. If YOU need this name, word... what a match!

HOURS...Wed June 8 (6-9...this time is only being offered to those reading the blog, you lucky-ducky!)
Thurs June 9 (10-5)
NO FRIDAY...Whew! Lucy and I need a break :)
Sat June 11 (10-4)

Normally I hold this outdoors and also offer access to the rest of the studio, but if it's as hot as it was today (!) I'll rearrange the studio to accomodate the event.

If you need directions to the studio, please e-mail me.

Amber is the winner of the latest give-away for her choice of bitty glass charm. Contact me, Amber to claim your pretty charm.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Brown Dog Garage Sale...NO Piedmont on Saturday

It's the BIG one...the ONE time a year that I have any kind of sale in the studio!

I'm busily pulling out sale charms...ones I'm tired of looking at at show after show, but they're GREAT if you haven't been looking at them too long (sometimes a FEW shows is too long for me!)

I also have some bracelet/necklace styles that I'm done with...

Toying with a few sterling items at a slight discount before I send them off for scrap :)

Hours and dates for this sale (I'll post more details on Monday, and if you're on my list, you'll get an e-mail, followers get one surprise detail!)

Wed June 8, 6-9 (you'll only know about this preview if you've read the blog or FB)
Thurs June 9, 10-5 (I'm extending Thursday studio hours)
Saturday June 11, 10-4 (no Friday, Lucy and I need a break WHEW! and no Piedmont)

Also, I'm not going to Piedmont tomorrow. I need more time to sort through the studio for sale items for YOU!