Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This week's project...

Working through the studio summer list of to-do's...

...finished lots of pretty religious charms last week.

...this week I worked on a few odds and ends...still looking for more occupational ideas to add for the summer.
I really focused on maps and places this week. I added in bunches of new destinations, and found a wonderful, colorful map I'll be using often...

Next week I plan to begin working on the proof sheets I made up for bitties and bubbles...I may be making them in my sleep if I get all of them onto the workbench.

But...I'm still open to ideas for my favorite tiny charms...

For this give-away...

What word or cute little image would you like to add to your charm bunch?

I may already have it, or it may be one that makes me think..."hmmm..."

I'll pick one random winner and make you your bitty or bubble suggestion. Remember that only a small word or 2 or a tiny image fit on these cutie-wootie glass charms.

The comments can be added here or on the studio Facebook page, and the name of the winner will be posted next Monday.

Remember that I'll have studio hours on Thursday from 10-2 and will be at Piedmont this Saturday from 8-noon.


  1. I think I am need of a new charm. I'll be looking you up soon!

  2. My charm idea: "relax". I am always surprised how many times a day I find myself saying that word (to the kids, the dog, the hubby).