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Friday, May 13, 2011

Give-away winner and new VIDEO!

I am so excited...

I've wondered how to show you a bit of how I work in the studio. It's not neat and pretty, and there's many a day I end up with a band-aid (or 2) on a finger...the family doesn't even ask anymore ;P

Forward to my meetings with Lisa of Lilybird Design. She did a photo shoot of the studio, and ME last month and brought over a wonderful compilation of what goes on during "a day in the life". I absolutely LOVE what she came up with...even letting you see my messy workbench!

I hope you can get a sense of what goes into making pretties for you...and how much I love being able to do it!


(i wanted to have the video show here, but it just won't work, thus the delay with this post. Click above on "my video" and you can see it on's worth the trip, and I'll keep working at getting it here!)

Feel free to comment on my happy little video :)

For the give-away winner...Mary commented on Facebook, and wins the fun bracelet combo. If Mary would like to pick it up in person from the studio, she also receives a fun Brown Dog handmade bar of lavendar soap. Contact me Mary so we can arrange for you to claim your pretties.
Next week...I'm thinking "old friend, new friend, GOOD friend" for the studio theme.

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  1. I love the video. can you believe I had not heard that song before? Love it...and the studio pics, of course. I am also love my Anna & Lucy Mother's Day necklace. Thanks!! :)