Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This week's project...

Working through the studio summer list of to-do's...

...finished lots of pretty religious charms last week.

...this week I worked on a few odds and ends...still looking for more occupational ideas to add for the summer.
I really focused on maps and places this week. I added in bunches of new destinations, and found a wonderful, colorful map I'll be using often...

Next week I plan to begin working on the proof sheets I made up for bitties and bubbles...I may be making them in my sleep if I get all of them onto the workbench.

But...I'm still open to ideas for my favorite tiny charms...

For this give-away...

What word or cute little image would you like to add to your charm bunch?

I may already have it, or it may be one that makes me think..."hmmm..."

I'll pick one random winner and make you your bitty or bubble suggestion. Remember that only a small word or 2 or a tiny image fit on these cutie-wootie glass charms.

The comments can be added here or on the studio Facebook page, and the name of the winner will be posted next Monday.

Remember that I'll have studio hours on Thursday from 10-2 and will be at Piedmont this Saturday from 8-noon.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm headed to Piedmont

I WILL be at Piedmont from 8-noon today...the sun is supposed to come out by 9, and I have the luxury of my van to set things in or out as the weather changes...come see me.

LOTS of new maps...cities...some cute little city/state drops!
(photo to be added today)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

this week...

I'm working on LOTS of new glass charms (these are from antique holy cards I brought home from Paris), which means I'm...

taking inventory
making lists (what needs to be made this summer?!)
playing with all of the pretty images/cards I brought back from France
making the studio VERY messy, a process that will last all summer!

I should have some photos to post on Friday...sunlight permitting :)

I've also been working on updating all of my upcoming shows, including the planned 2-3 Saturdays a month at the Piedmont Market. Plan to come see me this Saturday, May 28, from 8-noon...if it's raining, check my blog for an update.

I have an almost finalized list for Fall shows, too. Those will start popping up on the sidebar of the blog. summer Omaha show...Benson Summerfest, Sat June 18th.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Friends...

Remember last month when I asked for submissions...

A good friend...

Well, they're ready :) I have 2 dozen original art charms made just for almost ANY kind of special friend you have. I make each of these uniquely...each little collage is cut, pasted, glittered and painted. Even if I make another similar "good friend," she cannot be exactly the same.

These will be available for the FIRST TIME on Thursday of this week, during studio hours, which will be slightly changed to accomodate kids' school schedule...

Thursday May 19, 10-1:30

I also have LOTS of special orders ready for everyone. Just about everything is ready from the Open House pick-up date orders. You should be receiving e-mails tomorrow if your order is finished.

I'll also be available at the Piedmont Market this Saturday, from 8-noon.
This is my chance to tell you about my Market plans...I will plan out my 2ce monthly dates to have available on-line next week, just in case you want to know how often we can chitty-chat. Those dates are contingent on rain, etc, (mostly RAIN!).

So...the BEST way to not be disappointed is just like the studio hours...check my blog before you make special plans to see me.

But THIS Saturday, I'll have the van there...hope there are other vendors to coffee with ;P
Come see me...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Give-away winner and new VIDEO!

I am so excited...

I've wondered how to show you a bit of how I work in the studio. It's not neat and pretty, and there's many a day I end up with a band-aid (or 2) on a finger...the family doesn't even ask anymore ;P

Forward to my meetings with Lisa of Lilybird Design. She did a photo shoot of the studio, and ME last month and brought over a wonderful compilation of what goes on during "a day in the life". I absolutely LOVE what she came up with...even letting you see my messy workbench!

I hope you can get a sense of what goes into making pretties for you...and how much I love being able to do it!


(i wanted to have the video show here, but it just won't work, thus the delay with this post. Click above on "my video" and you can see it on's worth the trip, and I'll keep working at getting it here!)

Feel free to comment on my happy little video :)

For the give-away winner...Mary commented on Facebook, and wins the fun bracelet combo. If Mary would like to pick it up in person from the studio, she also receives a fun Brown Dog handmade bar of lavendar soap. Contact me Mary so we can arrange for you to claim your pretties.
Next week...I'm thinking "old friend, new friend, GOOD friend" for the studio theme.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bringing a bit of Paris to the Studio...

Paris was wonderful, but one of the BEST parts (romance, family-time, food, sites, history aside ;P ) was imagining what I could bring back to use in the studio!

When arranging this trip for our anniverary, Todd actually encouraged me to plan for the famous French flea markets. He reminded me to take along some jewelry for photographs...what a hubby! (did you notice my new blog header he had made for my return post-trip!? but I'm gushing...) One fun idea I had when planning the trip was making this bracelet.

I stamped several mini-Eiffel towers onto sterling, and wore this bracelet on our trip up the Tour Eiffel! A few of the charms are spoken for...Lucy and myself, my goddaughter who LOVES Paris. The rest will find their way into some pieces I've sketched out for this summer, along with some other fun items I brought back!

I would like to have a Paris-themed give-away this week. Please comment here on the blog, or on the studio Facebook page. Let me know about a memorable place you've travelled, where you HOPE to travel, or just say "Hi" or "Welcome back".

One random winner will receive their own mini-Eiffel, a 1/2 inch sterling initial charm, and her choice of colorful beadies on a ball chain bracelet. I'll announce the winner on Friday. If you live near enough to claim it in person, you can also enjoy a Brown Dog bar of lavendar soap.

I missed everyone, and am getting busy with new pretties to share with you.

Here was another photo-opportunity, too good to pass up...

"Mother of the family" chocolates...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Open Thursday and Friday!!!

The "secret's" out! Here's where we were for the past 8 days...Paris for our 20th anniversary (with the kids!). Wonderful time shopping, walking, eating, cafes...I'll have so many more photos to share, especially of the PARIS FLEA MARKETS!!! This photo is a hint about next week's give-away...check back Monday for details...But very important...

Don't forget that I have open studio hours:

Thursday May 5, 10-3 and 5-8
Friday May 6, 10-3

I'll have everything available for SHOPPING, and Mother's Day orders are READY for pick-up.

Forget to order something special for Mom? Ne t'en fais pas! (not to worry!)...
...many ready mommy items
..."gift-is-on-the-way" cards if you'd like to order something NOW, to be available SOON...AND you'll have a card to give :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011