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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I changed the Big Cartel Jewlery

So...William and Todd both informed me that I sound mob-boss-esque with the whole Big Cartel shop thing going on. I chose this format/shop to add to my site because it wasn't a huge commitment...I really just wanted to showcase a few items each month. If it takes off, maybe I'll look into something else :)

That said, I just added some fun, spring-y, luck o'the Irish jewelry to the BC shop. I'm loving the greens and browns on the page... here they are

"Lucky Girl" leather cuff

Lucky Bracelet (see the cutie copper "lucky" bead?)

TWIRL silver necklace (choose your word/name)

Glitter Shamrock Necklace

Large Bubble Necklace...LOVE these new 1" double-bubbles!!!
If we like these, I plan to add a new line of rounds.

More studio news...I will be in Omaha on this Saturday, March 5th, for the Busy Little Hands Expo and Craft Show. It is at the Westside Community Center (3534 S 108th Street, OMAHA), from 9-3. Omaha friends...If you order glass or silver at this show, I will have it ready for the next time I'm back in Omaha: April 2nd at Millard West.
Looking forward to my first trip to Omaha this year. Then I have to hurry back to take a Bright Lights class that evening with Todd :)
The only other open time for this week is regular Thursday open studio hours, 10-2.

I hope to add a note on Friday, with a give-away for Omaha shoppers on Saturday:)'ll have your turn NEXT week when I'm at St. Mark's on March 12th.

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