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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Find me at a show...

This week you can find me at the St. Mark's craft show in Lincoln, located at 84th and Pioneers. Lucy and I will be there from 9-4, with lots of lovely new charms (oooh the fairies!) and some new necklaces.

I have lots of special order charms that can be ready for pick-up at this show :)
If you ordered glass or silver from me over a week ago, yours is ready. If you'd like to make sure...send me an e-mail!

I will be sending out postcards this week for my spring line-up, which as a blog reader, you already have access to :)

The give-away for this week is related to the craft show. The first 5 shoppers who mention my blog will receive a free little extra with their purchase.

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