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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

...what's new THIS week :)

...first...this Thursday's open studio hours are VERY short: 10-11:15 only...I have a very important business tour (and date with my husband; he set it up!) to attend :)

now, back to the studio...always working on more charms...

...but I have so many REALLY GOOD ideas for making the studio (ME) more efficient, so that I can enjoy my creative time. I spent part of last week working on a how-to link for ordering glass charms via e-mail (click HERE or go to heading of the Blog!). This week, I hope to finish a similar page for ordering my silver.

I've been adding dates and shows to the "where can you find me" column of the blog. I still plan to include one evening and some portion of a Saturday each month (until outside shows are in full swing), in addition to my Thursdays. February's dates will be Thursday 24th (5-8) and Saturday 26th (10-3). This will also be the preview dates for a lot of the new pretties that will be on show this Spring, when I'm out and about! I think I've scheduled one show a month in Omaha for March, April and May, which will be GREAT if you are an Omaha gal and want to place orders or just want some new charms and silver.

Finally (?), I'm putting together a montage of me at work in the, if I can pick any photos of me that I don't want to DELETE...I'm not overly attractive in my fume mask and protective gear!

Look for a give-away NEXT MONDAY :)

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