Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Monday, February 21, 2011

...extended hours this week

...hello :)

I don't have any photos for today, although I've been working on some new charms for this week. You can visit the studio during regular Thursday hours (10-2), or during this month's evening and Saturday hours...Thurs Feb 24 (5-8) and Sat Feb 26 (10-3). Then Lucy and I begin making the rounds of the arts and crafts spring shows. Check out the sidebar for the spring listings. Hours and exact locations for each of those shows will be detailed as they near.

I do have the helpful ordering pages up and running for both SILVER and GLASS. Prices are listed, and those for silver will be updated at some point in March.

For this week's give-away, I will be offering little grab-bags to the first 5 studio shoppers both Thursday evening and Saturday THIS WEEK who mention the blog when I am adding up their pretties.

Can't wait to see you this week!

Friday, February 18, 2011

...weekend and WINNER :)

This has been a VERY full week, and I have been oh-so busy, which is nice, when I look back and see trays of charms and silver, as well as lovely packages to go to happy shoppers.

The helpful-ordering pages for SILVER and GLASS are up and running with photos and (temporary for the silver) pricing. I think they're already doing their job, which is explaining what I can make and what it LOOKS like. Let me know if you have any suggestions as you look over the pages. Remember, you still have to contact me via e-mail (or even in the studio, if you'd like) to place your order, but now you don't have to use your imagination, there are lots (too many?) of examples!

Will be changing out the Big Cartel shop's monthly items next week...also, remember that I have extended hours for shopping in the studio NEXT addition to my regular Thursday hours, the studio will be open Thursday Feb 24 (5-8) and Saturday Feb 26 (10-3). If I make those hours LONGER than what I've just stated, I'll make an update on the blog's side-bar.

Finally...announcing this week's give-away winner...
Karen H, who commented on the studio Facebook page.
Karen, please e-mail me, and then you will be able to claim your free $12 glass charm through the month of March 2011, by visiting me in the studio or at an away-show...congratulations.

I'll post another give-away on Monday, this one related to the studio hours :)
Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 14, 2011 updates and give-away!


Last week, I finished over 5 trays of love-ly glass initials, cute vintage pics, oh-so-many pretties! (and then I had to clean them...NOT my favorite part of the process; what's creative about clean-up? Apparantly Lucy shares my sentiments in the kitchen ;P

I have similar plans for the beginnings of glass charms this week...I'll make proof sheets, cut glass, edge the trays of charms...and have this week's babies ready to solder NEXT many fun ideas, as well as some special orders to have READY in time for next week's extra open hours...Thurs Feb 24 (5-8) and Sat Feb 26 (10-3). I do have a handful of orders from last month's open house, and those will be ready for pick-up during THIS Thursday's 10-2 slot, or waiting for you next week. I'll send out e-mails to all of you.

Did you check out my new helpful ordering pages? The one for GLASS CHARMS is finished, unless I see necessary finishing touches. The page for SILVER is ready, with the exception of pricing...of note, I've been holding onto 2010 silver pricing, but will be raising all of my silver prices when I put in my next order for wire/sheet. My current pricing reflects when silver was less than $16 and ounce, and it's now hovering around $30...ouch! That doesn't mean my prices will double, but most pieces will increase by a few dollars. One of the worst culprits is my spools of sterling chain!

...right now it looks like I have enough silver to get through most of March. We'll see when I get ready for a BIG order! But if you order silver next week, we should be great.

I PROMISED a give-away...yippeee!
I would love to hear your comments about the dates, my new ordering pages, what you're hoping to order soon, or what shows you're coming to visit me...
So, add your comment to THIS blog entry, or you may comment on the studio FACEBOOK page (or become a NEW fan of the studio FB have to LIKE Brown Dog Studio!).
On Friday, I will pick a random winner from all of the comments, and the lucky-ducky winner will receive a FREE $12 glass charm of her choice, to be redeemed at one of my open times or shows through March 2011. Watch for the winner on Friday, so you can find out if it's YOU!


Oh yes, happy Valentine's Day...think about LoVe, eat a bite (or more) of chocolate, and be SWEET :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

...what's new THIS week :)

...first...this Thursday's open studio hours are VERY short: 10-11:15 only...I have a very important business tour (and date with my husband; he set it up!) to attend :)

now, back to the studio...always working on more charms...

...but I have so many REALLY GOOD ideas for making the studio (ME) more efficient, so that I can enjoy my creative time. I spent part of last week working on a how-to link for ordering glass charms via e-mail (click HERE or go to heading of the Blog!). This week, I hope to finish a similar page for ordering my silver.

I've been adding dates and shows to the "where can you find me" column of the blog. I still plan to include one evening and some portion of a Saturday each month (until outside shows are in full swing), in addition to my Thursdays. February's dates will be Thursday 24th (5-8) and Saturday 26th (10-3). This will also be the preview dates for a lot of the new pretties that will be on show this Spring, when I'm out and about! I think I've scheduled one show a month in Omaha for March, April and May, which will be GREAT if you are an Omaha gal and want to place orders or just want some new charms and silver.

Finally (?), I'm putting together a montage of me at work in the, if I can pick any photos of me that I don't want to DELETE...I'm not overly attractive in my fume mask and protective gear!

Look for a give-away NEXT MONDAY :)