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Monday, January 10, 2011

NEW in the Studio...

So excited to be back to creating...although it's very funny that the very day of my scheduled return, my children are home for a snow day!
This post is about how I plan to make the studio work even BETTER this year :)

Some things have worked really well...
My Schedule on the sidebar...LOVE this! Hope you do too...I'll be adding my spring show dates over the next 2 weeks; I just finalized hours and days for my January Open House.
Open studio hours...keeping them from 10-2 most Thursdays. I'm no longer asking you to phone or e-mail ahead to make sure I'm here...I'm going to use this blog to keep my hours updated on a weekly basis. PLEASE check the sidebar of my blog to make certain we don't miss each other, just in case I have a sick child or a trip to the dentist (that would be very bad!). Please double-check my blog if there are weather conditions...I won't be able to have my "snow removal team" (husband and son) at my disposal on some early Thursdays!
Private Trunk Shows...These will be the ONLY times I'll be able to open the studio, outside of my Thursday hours, Open Houses, and outside shows. I schedule these for groups of 5+ family-friends-coworkers. I don't recommend groups larger than 10 because you won't have enough time with me for special orders, and that's the point, right?

Some studio changes...
I plan to work much more via e-mail, rather than by phone or non-Thursday/non-show-dates drop-ins, to give me more WORKING time!
ONE EVENING A MONTH in studio. If I'm having an Open House, that's probably my one evening. I'll post these over in my sidebar :)
In order to keep up with all of my ideas for new pretties in the studio, as well as my regular line-up of special orders, I won't be able to promise items ready more quickly than 2 weeks.
Giveaways...I LOVE when my nice friends comment on the studio BLOG or Facebook. If you like to do this...keep it up. But not everyone is comfortable adding their, give-aways will begin again, but will often be a special little something for those who visit me that week, or a surprise shopping day, or something pretty you need to claim at one of my shows over the course of that month.
New way to shop...I've opened a Big Cartel Shop, with the sole purpose of adding it to the sidebar of my Blog. My thought is to have 5 items available each month. They may be seasonal/special in nature. Some of these items could be customized (as noted), some would be ready to mail, as-is, no changes. The nature of the BC Shop is for me to mail the purchases; great for a gift or you out-of-town friends. But you could also e-mail me (instead of completing the on-line purchase) to pay for/pick it up on Thursday, my show that month, without shipping charges. I hope to choose this month's 5 items by next Monday, but really, the choice is very difficult...hmmm!

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