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Friday, January 7, 2011

here's some of my vacation fun!

If you know me, you know my love of LISTS...

I'd promised my family a long break from the studio...and it was full of gathering family and friends, lazy mornings, celebrating the Real Gift of Christmas...

But I confess that I had PLANS which included lots of fun, non-studio projects :)

I forgot to take photos of all of the goodies the kids and I made...cake balls (YUM! Only make these when you have LOTS of parties/people to give these to, and preferably a great-Lucy helper), caramel corn (made Christmas Eve, after Mass, the Fam in pjs, waiting to open gifts...I had a last-minute "brilliant idea," which took about 45 minutes, thanks to fellow-blogger Jeanne...her recipe, NOT her idea to pause gift-time!), and both frosted and rootbeer cookies (Anders' fave).

But here's where the pioneer-theme comes into play...none of these are new skills for me, but they've been on the back-burner for awhile.
A huge pot of Caramel-Spice Apple Butter...I panicked when I couldn't find the recipe, but remembered the last time I made it was LAST December with our 4H girls. This is Lucy's favorite.
Anders has been asking for pomegranate jelly for ages...he's now a very happy camper, but it was hard to find just-pomegranate juice this time. I've officially used up all of my reserve jars making these 20+ jars of apple and pom spreads.

The last time I made soap was over 5 years ago, and I've wanted to do this ever since I found my soaping journal last summer. It was sweet to read the careful notes I'd taken, the plans I'd made for future soaps...I decided for this soap adventure to follow the already-taken-path, and made repeat the molds, ready to cut...Lavender-castille, heavy on the olive oil ; just poured...Double-mint Wake-up soap! Next in the line-up...White Vanilla and Poppy seed, Warm Vanilla and Oat, and Lemon Flip! (photo actually shows the few remainders of my past soaps; definitely time to make more! The new ones will have to cure for at least a month!)
Finally, knitting...I had promised Anders a pair of felted wool slippers, and lo and behold ! I had enough yarn in my bin to make at least 10 pairs (okay, maybe 20!). His are knit, felted and ready to warm his tootsies, and the first of a new pair for Lucy (she's grown in 3 years!) is on my double-pointed needles. The pre-felted slippers are so funny to see...seriously, they look like a large elf hat. The washer makes the magic, and I hadn't made these since I got my front-loader...the verdict is in...front-loader is even easier!
It's been fun sharing non-studio news with you...I'll be back to work in the studio on Monday. Look for a few changes on the blog, more frequent updates, especially for Thursday Open Studio Hours, a list of upcoming shows to start appearing, and a NEW way to shop รก la Brown Dog.
I'll be ready to see you :)

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