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Monday, January 31, 2011

adding shows and working on blog!

This week, I have an impressive list of charms and silver in the works (I've got a LIST!), but my BIG goal is to add all of my upcoming shows to the "Where can you find me" category on the sidebar of the blog. I think that I've chosen all of the shows for outside of the studio, but I'm still putting finishing touches on my calendar for open studio dates...

In addition to "regular" studio hours on Thursdays (just remember to check the blog before you make the trip!), I'm thinking that one evening and one Saturday per month would be perfect. Once more outside shows pop up, I'll have to make those my open Saturdays.

Also...I am going to make special orders more user-friendly.

The best way to order from Brown Dog Studio is to visit me in person, during open hours, a craft/art show, or a Private Trunk Show, BUT...orders have always been available via e-mail. Because there has to be some form of communication to make a special order happen, I won't be having an actual website, but am adding pages to the blog with photos and details in the categories of SiLVER, PhOto ChaRms, and ExIstiNg JeweLry. I hope to have these up and running for helpful ideas within the next few weeks.

I can't wait to hear what you think!

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