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Monday, January 17, 2011

adding on-line shopping...

"My Heart Belongs To & Initial" Necklace
"Loved and Blessed" Necklace
"A Spoonful of Sugar and Spice" Necklace
"My Heart Sparkles" Necklace
"Heart-in-a-Bubble" Bracelet

Big change for this week...I've finally filled my Big Cartel Shop. If you look at the sidebar of the blog, you'll see a link to the shop.

I will be offering 5 items in the shop each month. Most of these items can be purchased multiple times...they won't "sell out" unless I specify that they are in limited supply or one-of-a-kinds :)

You may (A) purchase these pretties on-line. I'll mail single/multiple items via a $5 Priority Mailer. If you choose to (B) make your purchase in-person, you must contact me via e-mail and be able to pay for and pick it up during one of my scheduled open times throughout that month, either most Thursdays (10-2), Open House, or Private Trunk Shows. I plan to reserve use of my front porch drop-box for photos and gift-is-on-the-way cards.

It was quite the decision to narrow my selection to 5 items... ;P

Question...I figured out how to add new header to my blog until I find/create a banner I really like for my studio. I've been playing with seasonal changes. Do you think this works, or should I stick to something more permanent?

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