Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

open this week...

Holiday Stop & Shop...

Friday Dec 17 (10-7), Saturday Dec 18 (9-noon)

This will be the last opportunity to shop in the studio before Christmas and...all of your orders from the Open House 2 weeks ago (and from before!) will be ready for this show. I'm closing down the studio following the Stop & Shop, until January 10th. I'll be out doing my shopping, making cookies and general Christmas-y celebrating, so I won't be available for any studio-business. the midst of all of the WONDERFUL orders I'm working on...

I've been cleaning out my beadbox, playing with silver, and other FUN nonsense...come check out all of the new goodies! There are still PLENTY of choices for gifts; Lucy says who am I kidding, we'll have a party if I run out!

I need to take a moment to thank all of you who have made my time in the studio feel less like work and more like a gift. I mean it when I say that I'm HONORED to share your sweetest memories...the joy of newborn babies for mommy/grandma necklaces, celebrations of family and friendship, the always unique artwork of growing children, as well as memory pieces for those we love and miss. Thank you to all who have trusted me to make fun/silly/meaningful jewelry for you, or to be shared with those you love. YOU are why I open my studio, cart my pretties to shows, and share my darling daughter, Lucy.

If you don't pick up your orders this weekend, they will be available on my front porch, beginning Monday Dec 20 from 8-5 through Dec 24, unless it's icy out! I'll post updates on my blog, while I'm drinking my cuppa.

Were you a winner of one of the studio give-aways and never got around to picking up your prize? Remember, that any remaining prizes need to be picked up by the end of the year (this show!)

If you don't make it to this show, have a very, Merry...
I'll look forward to seeing you NEXT year :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today is about taking a breath after a wonderfully busy studio open house. Thank you to all who visited the studio and asked me to help them create special gifts for others (and sometimes for themselves, too!). I had some new helpers at this show...the goal for me (and Lucy) to be more available to customize your jewelry, while the elves wrote up tickets, etc.

I have my next 2 weeks planned out, ensuring that I can get the OODLES of orders filled in time for the promised dates...the studio Stop & Shop, Friday Dec 17 (10-7) and Saturday Dec 18 (9-noon). The studio will also be set up for last-minute SHOPPING on those dates, and gift certificates will be available, if you missed last weekend's special order deadline :)

If you need to find me before the Stop & Shop, I will be at Scott Middle School on Thursday December 9 (5-9). Hoping I can take homework ;D