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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

trying something NEW...and THIS WEEK

I so enjoy visiting with everyone who comes to my shows, and this blog is my way of keeping everyone updated on where they can find me and all of the new pretties I'm making...thanks everyone who follows along with me and gives me feedback about the studio, here or in person :)
I've been having drawings for studio-goodies for followers/comments here and on the studio FACEBOOK page...but I haven't gotten much on-line response (I hear all sorts of lovely things in person!), and there have been some unclaimed freebies (click HERE for give-away guidelines!).

NEW IDEA...this week, I will be at St. Mark's craft show (84th and Pioneers, 9-4, no admission). You readers get in on a SECRET....
Just tell me you saw my blog this week, and I'll tuck one of my favorite polishing pads and an additional surprise into the bags of the first 5 sales at my table on Saturday. FUN!!! this week..."dico-sticks," fill-in initials, bottles of treasure, military love, lots of Christmas, new necklace options!

And...if you love joining in with me on my blog, I LOVE to hear from you ;D

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