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Monday, October 11, 2010

this week...and winner

The show at Lincoln Southwest was so much fun. Lucky to have sister-Emily come for a few hours so Lucy and I each had time to eat and take quickie-break. I could have used her the whole day, but 3 of us don't really fit behind the tables :) Our part towards the shopping experience... the brown dog (aka Miso) got a new collar with pink flowers and Lucy ordered a gorgeous "L" for her wall.

Very popular...Nebraska "N", fairies, initials, Halloween, bitties, bracelets, MY SILVER, and the new adjustable chains. I had one new chain, put together just that morning, hadn't even priced it or taken a photo yet...I'll have to make a new one! Can't wait to see what I'll finish in the studio over the next two weeks...I have high hopes for lots of initials (new styles), some more fairies, and LOTS OF SILVER. Wish me luck to stay on task...

So here are my details for this week...I don't have a show this Saturday (October 16), but do have TWO slots left for private trunk shows in my studio on that day. You may reserve one by phone or e-mail (make sure I confirm your time!). That's my last Saturday available until after Christmas. I'm still taking reservations for some evenings and Sunday afternoons.

And for last week's winner of the copper cuff, stamped with her quote of choice...Kate F. Contact me, Kate so I can write your name in my winner book and I'll get working on your cuff.

Now for this week...I still have lots of shows left...where do you hope to find me? Comment here or on the studio FACEBOOK page and you could win a 3-pk of my favorite polishing pads. Check back here on Friday to see if you're the winner...I can actually send those in the mail:)

Now...busy, busy, busy! So many ideas...

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