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Friday, October 22, 2010

reminders...and THANK YOU! I have zero photos to share today, because...

I was SO very busy at St. Robert's boutique last night!

My word, it was a fabulous show...many, many of my favorite people showed up (all asking about the lovely Lucy, who was home on a school night!), and I met so many new wonderful folks.

But there are so many thank you's to send out...
*To the wonderful, smiling organizers of the boutique...WOW! I even got a goodie-bag!
*To my aunt, who brought me a plate of food and my fave diet cherry pepsi!
*To the sweet Patricia who not only helped me schlep in armloads of goods before the show, but stayed at the end to help finish bringing my items to the car (and she had kiddos at home!)
*To the MANY lovely shoppers who never complained that they had to "take a number" to talk to me (that's not usually the case when I have Lucy with me).

I took an afternoon break today and I'm ready for Norris tomorrow, 9-4 in the gym...see you there!

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