Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Monday, October 4, 2010

new in the studio...

What an amazing show at Millard many friends showed up to see us, and there were lots of new faces.

I brought a very large assortment of pretties, and loved the size/layout of my space. I've been inspired to contact all of my upcoming venues to see if I can duplicate my larger space...I think I've outgrown the normal 8x8 size-limitations :) If it doesn't work for this year, I'll make sure to request it for next year!

I introduced my "like a girl" cuffs over the summer and then saw a special t-shirt while shopping with Lucy last week. Here's my take on it in copper...$22-$25 (remember I can make a custom cuff for YOU!), or I can duplicate it in sterling for $55.

So...what would you "say" on your wrist? Comment here or on the studio FACEBOOK page and I'll pick a random winner for a copper version of the cuff. Check back on Friday to see if you're the lucky-ducky winner, and then contact me to get in my WINNER book!

I'll have more details on Friday about the show at Lincoln Southwest High School, as well as all of the new pretties I'll be bringing to show you :)


  1. I think "fights like a girl" is awesome! If I had my own cuff, I'd probably want it to say "for such a time as this" which might be a little long, but that phrase from scripture means a lot to me.

  2. I believe I'd want mine to say "girl who runs with scissors". It seems appropriate with scrapbooking and I am always on the run! Hope to see you a craft fair this fall soon!

  3. "a girl loves 'Bling'"
    Lisa Ford