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Friday, August 13, 2010

to market, to market...

Lucy and I will be at the Piedmont Market tomorrow from 8-noon. I've made the new glass charms I've finished over the past few weeks available for market and in my studio, so you faithful summer followers are getting a sneak peak of what I'm rolling out for Fall!
...the new "rescued silverware" jewelry made last week!And a taste of the other market vendors...Mary Helen's pies, cookies and pesto...
... Jodie's beads and jewelry
... Mrs. Little may be on break until her next batch of corn is ready
...don't miss the tender cucumbers, potatoes and beets! There's also an assortment of fresh herbs
And you never know WHAT else...often there's a new vendor bringing surprises:)
I hope to see you! Gina B. became a new fan this week on Facebook, and is the lucky-ducky winner of the free 1/2 inch silver disk. Contact me, Gina...I'll bet we can figure something out to add into your order from this week, just in time for delivery!
I'll be REALLY working on charms over the next month, especially as soon as the kiddos are back in school and I can get my schedule going. Can't wait to see what I'll get ready THIS week:)

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