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Friday, August 20, 2010

I'll be at market TWO more days!

I will be at the Piedmont Market tomorrow (Saturday August 21, 8-noon), and then again the following week, and THAT'S IT before my Fall shows begin. I'm oh-so busy getting everything ready for my Open Studio Show September 9, 10, and 11(remember, I had to move it forward a week!)...and then the FUN begins! Shows almost every weekend until December. Can she do it? Can she still plan coffee dates with her friends? Will Lucy tell her mother she's too grouchy to work with? Yes, YES, and I HOPE Lucy tells me if I'm too grouchy...that girl's my right-hand gal :)

On Monday, I plan to let you start reserving times for private studio Trunk Shows, beginning in September. These are perfect for groups of 5+ friends, co-workers, sisters (and MOM!) get extra-special help for custom orders, plus there's usually a lot of laughing while you help Susie pick out what SHE needs! I only have 2 available Saturdays, some Sunday afternoons, and one or 2 evenings per week. If you have a group that can come during the school day, we can work with that, too.

Now for this week's lucky-ducky give-away winner...Natasha is a new fan on the studio Facebook page and should contact me to claim her prize, the "secret locket".

Hope to see lots of friendly faces tomorrow at market...I sure hope Mary Helen has a pie with my name on it!

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