Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Monday, August 9, 2010

busy studio weekend...and WEEK!

The studio has been busy with shows and many ideas making their way into new glass charms, silver and jewelry!
...wonderful bubbles combined with my silver, colorful beads on bracelet or chain
...vintage spoons (and one of my prized cake forks...I had a hard time giving it up!) made into whimsical first one sold on it's first day out!
There will never be 2 that are exactly the same...should I make a few "blanks" to add your sentiments? ...and I'm on a roll with these fairies, princesses, and "chicks"...hint...look for these NEW themes: ice cream, soda, cookie, candy and SEWING (thanks, Amy), in addition to coffee, chocolate, cupcake, and scrapbooking...any more ideas?

Speaking of ideas...Lucy and I welcomed a group of friends to a private trunk show over the weekend...2 hours of dedicated studio time, perfect for shopping and special orders! Your friends (sisters, moms!) are great at helping pick your favorite photos, finding THE perfect charms, and knowing exactly what Aunt Susie wants for her birthday. I LOVE watching what everyone chooses, and I always end up with some new ideas for even more additions to the studio. (Yipes!)

I'll be ready to accept "fall" dates for private trunk shows as soon as I get my children's school calendars at the end of this month. I'll book 2-hour trunk shows for groups of 5+ friends...daytime, evenings or weekends (other than my open houses, these are the only evenings and weekends I open the studio!).

I'll be working with a lot of silver this week, so let's make this week's give-away one of my 1/2 inch silver disks...fits a name, an initial, short word...say "hello" here or on the studio FACEBOOK page (or become a new FAN of Brown Dog Studio on Facebook!). Mention some of your favorites, or what you're wanting to look for in future shows...Check back on Friday to see if you were picked by the oh-so-scientific method (out of a hat!).
I'm in Omaha Tuesday at Yesterday's Scrapbooking (4-8) for shopping and custom orders. Then...working in the studio to make even more pretties!


  1. Oops! I posted my comment on the last blog post by accident which should have been under this one. Did you see it?

  2. Wow! I can't believe the spoons and forks--so neat! Have a great time in Omaha!!

  3. OH MY, how could I have forgotten?...What would some "catch-phrases" be for beaders? What would a fairy be holding? A torch? Pliers...ideas Miss Pixybug?

  4. I love the spoon and fork designs, they are my favorite! Will you leave some blank to be customized?

  5. I think that is a possibility...I sold the cake fork tonight! It was one of my lovely Colorado finds, and I have one cut fork left to play with!

  6. Ok Sarah, there is the born to bead, bead fairy, Queen Bead, the one who dies with the most beads wins (a bit long), bead goddess, bead crazy, so many beads so little time, bead happy, bead all that you can bead, the fairy would be holding bead strands or crystals!

  7. Lucy and I brain-stormed some bead fairy images in the car to Omaha yesterday...great ideas! Can't wait to add some words to them!