Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Monday, July 12, 2010

sports week...give-away!

This week feels sporty, both in Long-family life and the studio!

Kids have swimming lessons/meets; one is at a wrestling camp; I'm hoping to go on another long bike ride with Todd and some friends...
So, how about a give-away for a $12 glass charm from my inventory this week, you pick the "sport"...comment here or on the studio Facebook page to be entered in the drawing. Then check back on Friday to see if you WON! What sports are you following this in tee-ball, sports camps, or did you just finish watching the World Cup:)


  1. Hi there! I have only been watching a little Saltdogs baseball and of course the cutest 3 year old ever playing a variety of things in the back yard. GO BIG RED!

  2. Woo hoo! I'm feeling lucky! I am so enjoying my "Sunshine" necklace. Madison now has the fever for your jewelry too. I knew I shouldn't have taken her along! LOL

  3. I'm wearing a couple pieces from your studio right now! I have to say I do like my Nebraska charms from you--and I'm keeping them polished for volleyball season, which will start soon!!!

  4. I was introduced to your work by some friends who were showing it off, I love it! I'm a Nebraska girl through and through, so of course I like these pieces!!