Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Monday, July 26, 2010

getting ready for Hastings...

I'm glad everyone who loves me gives me permission to change my mind!

After weeks of saying "never" to all-day, outdoor shows, I got excited about doing Art-in-the-Park in Hastings. I will be there on Sunday, from 10-5, with what feels like a HUGE space, compared to most craft shows I do. I'm contemplating 3 or 4 tables and planning to bring more of my jewelry (in addition to my glass charms) than I'm generally able to show outside the studio.

Creativity "planned" for this week...some necklaces and bracelets, more leather, a new silver board (mine's on loan for a show planned next month!), and cute dog t-shirts for Lucy and me.

I'm on a week hiatus from charm-making (unless you're one of my special orders!), then next week I'll be back to my fun make-it list.

So, for this week's give-away...say hello in the post comments for this blog entry, or come find me/LIKE me over on the studio FACEBOOK page. I'll draw a winner on Friday, so you can check back to find out if you've won a 3-pack of my favorite polishing pads! ...Lucy has informed me that she thinks it's difficult to add a comment onto the blog...If you're having troubles, e-mail me and I'll see if my "expert advice" might be of help:)

Now I'm off to buy a canopy/tent...we outdoor gals need to keep in the shade!


  1. Sarah- You and Lucy enjoy your road trip to Hastings! I hope you have a beautiful day!

  2. See you Sunday Sarah! Hope I win the drawing!

  3. Am I that "Amy"? I'm guessing so, but there are several of us. Yay! Have fun in Hastings. Your charms were all the talk at my Scrappingfest this past weekend!