Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Friday, July 30, 2010 jewelry!

So...this week has been so fun, but I've been very off-task (charm-wise!).

You have to take a look at some of what I've made...
I made a few ribbon-ruffles...this bracelet nestles pearls and amazonite beads between purple gingham.
adjustable silk bracelets...I counted 8 of them in fun colors with silver, glass and bead-rings.
I'm pricing these at $25:)
Some new leather cuffs...
this one might be my favorite!
this is WAY too, long adjustable silk cords...I can attach anything to them, but I'm envisioning large silver or copper links (hearts, ovals, circles) that tiny charms (or glass charms) can be added to. ...this piece is up-cycled from a spoon. I've only made one so far...
Remember, I won't be at the Piedmont Market tomorrow...I plan to return the following Saturday. I'll have regular Thursday studio hours from 10-2. Keep checking back on Mondays for my weekly give-aways. All you have to do is comment on my blog or say hi to me on the studio Facebook page during the week. This week's winner...a different Amy from last week, Amy J, should contact me to cash in on her 3-pack of polishing pads. If you see her, she'll have gorge-ou-so charms!

Monday, July 26, 2010

getting ready for Hastings...

I'm glad everyone who loves me gives me permission to change my mind!

After weeks of saying "never" to all-day, outdoor shows, I got excited about doing Art-in-the-Park in Hastings. I will be there on Sunday, from 10-5, with what feels like a HUGE space, compared to most craft shows I do. I'm contemplating 3 or 4 tables and planning to bring more of my jewelry (in addition to my glass charms) than I'm generally able to show outside the studio.

Creativity "planned" for this week...some necklaces and bracelets, more leather, a new silver board (mine's on loan for a show planned next month!), and cute dog t-shirts for Lucy and me.

I'm on a week hiatus from charm-making (unless you're one of my special orders!), then next week I'll be back to my fun make-it list.

So, for this week's give-away...say hello in the post comments for this blog entry, or come find me/LIKE me over on the studio FACEBOOK page. I'll draw a winner on Friday, so you can check back to find out if you've won a 3-pack of my favorite polishing pads! ...Lucy has informed me that she thinks it's difficult to add a comment onto the blog...If you're having troubles, e-mail me and I'll see if my "expert advice" might be of help:)

Now I'm off to buy a canopy/tent...we outdoor gals need to keep in the shade!

Friday, July 23, 2010

market tomorrow...and winner!

I'm at Piedmont Market tomorrow from 8-noon. I'll take a break the following week because Lucy and I will be getting ready for the Art-in-the-Park show in Hastings on Sunday, August 1.

I'm planning to take a sampling of my the charms tomorrow morning...and then I'll be getting my own veggies...some green beans and cucumbers for certain, and I'm REALLY wanting one of Mary Helen's pies:)

There was no tie settled between PIE and CAKE this week in my comments...rather, I think we even added ICE CREAM into the mix of fave sweets! But AMY's comment was chosen as the me Amy, and you'll be entered into my winner book! I know there were some charms you'd like to choose from for your free $12 charm!

Watch for even MORE charms in Monday's post...

Monday, July 19, 2010

very you like pie?

I made oh-so-many charms this week! After lamenting my lack of studio-time, I looked at what came out of the studio this week and proclaimed, "Hooray!"

Many of this week's charms were results of YOUR requests or things we laughed about and later I said..."um, THAT could be pretty."
I had lots of requests for scrapbook charms...these are just a few!
Crowns, tiaras...WITH glitter were already on my to-dos, but when Amy and friends mentioned FROGS and crowns, I came up with some of these:) The backs are even funnier!
I spent 2 glorious days being creative, witty (in my mind, don't burst my bubble!) without worrying about making lots...the results were many FAIRIES... scrapbook,
chocolate, cupcake, more coffee...AND...PIE!!!! Anyone who's talked to me knows my love of CAKE...(click to view photos!)...but it took some Saturday mornings at the Piedmont Market with Mary Helen and some conversations with Lucy and family to remind me "I'm a PIE GIRL at heart! Can't have pie in the fridge that the kids and I aren't fighting over who gets it for breakfast!" So here are a few charms in my tribute to PIE!
If you've made it through this LENGTHY entry, you deserve to enter my give-away this week...are you a PIE girl or do you flip for CAKE? Comment here or on my studio FACEBOOK page and you'll be entered to win a fee $12 glass charm. Check back on Friday to see if you're the random winner. If you really want me to dream of sweet treats while I'm working on oh-so-many more charms this week, tell me your FAVORITES...Yum!

Friday, July 16, 2010

This is a sampling of our interesting week...missing...wrestling t-shirt (from UNL camp, filthy from teen's muddy cross country run!), Anders' magic kit (and no, he can't tell you any secrets or his teacher will "take his kit away"), new CAKE card game we mastered as a family, several soggy beach towels and more trays of new charms (lots were custom order/photo charms!)...I will have SO many to show off next week. That nearly 5 pound ball of fabric should become a rug for Lucy's room and comes from her 4H class Rags to Rugs:)
Shawna commented via Facebook and is the lucky-ducky winner of the free $12 charm. E-mail me, Shawna, to work out the details:)

Monday, July 12, 2010

sports week...give-away!

This week feels sporty, both in Long-family life and the studio!

Kids have swimming lessons/meets; one is at a wrestling camp; I'm hoping to go on another long bike ride with Todd and some friends...
So, how about a give-away for a $12 glass charm from my inventory this week, you pick the "sport"...comment here or on the studio Facebook page to be entered in the drawing. Then check back on Friday to see if you WON! What sports are you following this in tee-ball, sports camps, or did you just finish watching the World Cup:)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

studio news...and winner

I've had a "my eyes are bigger than my stomach" kind of week in the studio. No, I'm not eating too much CAKE, although anyone who's met me knows that my eyes light up at the mere mention of frosted party-fare:)

I started this week with a list of new ideas and inventory fill-ins for glass charms (thanks go out to everyone who helped add to my list!)...I spent a few days at the computer, making lovely proof sheets...

...and my manageable list turned into a "WOW-you've-got-to-be-KIDDING!!!" number of charms (just one little example is the 30-something new/replacement NEBRASKA charms that suddenly morphed into over 150 on my trays). And I haven't even gotten to the High Schools and SILVER! This is good prep for my fall shows, but it shows me how little studio time I've whittled out from kid-filled summer days.

You'll be SO IMPRESSED as I begin showing photos of new, completed glass...anyone who follows the BLOG will be privvy to first viewing rights! I can't wait to share them with you:)

Congratulations Jeannioli...I randomly picked your name for a free glass charm. E-mail me to work out the details!

Monday, July 5, 2010

busy in studio...give-away

It's been a fun and busy summer, however...

Past summers, I've usually been working on my inventory for several weeks by now...but as I've been saying (posting!), it's July and I've already been at Jazz in June (4 weeks!), several Piedmont markets, a few spring shows, and just finished my one summer studio Open House! I haven't had nearly as much time to work in the studio as I would like.

I've been busily scribbling down ideas for new charms (and silver!), and writing down YOUR ideas when I'm at a show...I really DO listen:)

So I thought I'd encourage everyone to help me a bit with my planning... new inspirational/fun words, quotes, scripture...area high schools (I'll make grade/middle schools, but only as custom orders!), occupations, saints, dog breeds...I won't make them ALL, but you'll find a lot of them sneaking into my inventory!

This week, comment/help via this post, or the studio Facebook page, and you'll be part of my weekly random drawing...this week, a voucher for a free $12 glass charm. Check back on Friday to see if you are the winner.
I plan to be at Piedmont this Saturday from 8-12 (Cotner and A Streets) and will have in-studio hours from 10-about 1:30 this Thursday:)

Friday, July 2, 2010

saturday market...winner

I'll be back at the Piedmont Market tomorrow (Saturday, 8-12). I'm hoping Mary Helen will be there with her PIES, Connie with her HERBS, Mrs. Little with her CORN and assorted veggies, and Jodie with BEADS .

Kelly is a new fan on the studio Facebook page, and she's the lucky winner of a 3-pk of polishing pads! Contact me, Kelly, so I can get those to you...and your charms and silver can be sparkley.

If anyone else wants some of my fave polishing pads, ask me to add them to your purchases the next time you stop by:)