Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Saturday, June 19, 2010 house next week!

Hooray...busy week, full of markets and jewelry! I plan on Jazz in June this coming Tuesday, but won't be at the Piedmont Market on Saturday because I'll be having my one summer open house and studio GARAGE SALE. I'll post details on Monday. Lucky-duckies who look at Monday's entry will be privvy to some Surprise Sale Details:)

This week's lucky winner is Jennifer who commented via Facebook. E-mail me, Jennifer, and we'll get you in my "winner book" for your free $12 glass charm. Remember anyone can like/fan Brown Dog Studio on Facebook, and you won't be making me your "friend" (unless you want to!).

(, wow!...I just figured out how to make a "link" in this blog! Just look above a few lines and click on the "Brown Dog Studio" to go to the studio Facebook page...who knew a crafty girl could be so computer savvy?!)

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