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Monday, June 7, 2010

...Gather your friends

In the past, summers were my shows, work on inventory for the fall. This summer, I've been branching out. I'm at the Piedmont market most Saturdays from 8-noon; I'm signed up for Jazz in June on Tuesday evenings in front of the Lied Center at 12th and can come down for food and music, too:) Don't forget Thursdays in the studio, 10-2!

Another option for the summer...gather your friends in my studio! We tried this just before Christmas, and got great comments from everyone who planned or attended a private trunk show. You and 5+ friends (sisters, mom, co-workers...) have a scheduled window of time in the studio to shop and visit with me about special orders. This is great if you'd like to shop in the evening, because it's one of the few times I open the studio outside of Thursdays and open houses.

For this week's give-away...anyone who schedules a Gathering will receive a free $12 glass charm from my inventory at the time of her scheduled trunk show.

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