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Friday, May 21, 2010

A little bird told me...

Isnt this little birdie SWEET?! I got him from my friend, Stephanie of Pixybug Designs at a bead show in Omaha. Her husband makes these cuties, and I had to have some of them, but I may NEED more! I only have a few, so if you are wanting these little guys, let me know so that I can order MORE.

I'm still planning on the Piedmont Market Saturday morning, from 8-12. It's at Cotner and A Streets. I'll have all of my charms, a bit of silver, and some of my Father's Day ideas available for orders. Let's see how much I can fit on TWO tables! No really, it's all I can have! Hope to see you there!
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  1. Thanks Sarah! Very Cool! Let us know if you need more! Can't wait to see the bunnies!