Important Brown Dog Studio Tidbits

Monday, May 24, 2010 a bright copper penny

My original idea this week was to focus on teachers and follow my train of thought :)

...that led to graduations and other new beginnings with dates babies, anniversaries, birthdays...

And off I went, on the hunt for a 1991 penny for Todd's and my 19 years married this month!

I added a few into some silver necklace designs I've made.
This charm necklace also holds glass charms (a pretty version of the CLIP). It could be a gift for a teacher, or a graduate.

This necklace could be for an anniversary (mine!), or a new marriage. my penny frame of mind, I'd like to hear your two cents for my give-away this week. Comment here on my blog or e-mail me what date YOU would like to wear or one that you would give as a GIFT. Someone will win a personalized "lucky penny charm" on Friday.
Shh...I'm making one for my sister's birthday!

I'll be at the Piedmont market again on Saturday (8-12), but will not have my regular Thursday Studio hours this week. It's the kids' last day of school and I am momma-taxi. If you need me this week, give me a call, or I'll see you at the Market!


  1. Love your Penny idea. Hummm how far back are you willing to search? Like 61 years ago or 40 years ago ( birthday, anniversary) Cute idea, hope it works for you.

  2. I wondered about that! I'm going to start keeping some on hand, but there may be someone who even brings in a penny...are there 2010 pennies yet?