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Saturday, May 22, 2010

...home again, home again...

What fun!!! A cloudy, windy day with the HINT of rain turned SUNNY (and windy!); but a little bit of wind can't blow away trays of glass charms! I had fun people to visit with...Lucy, other vendors, some new shoppers...and a few of you who came looking just for me :) . I made it home with 3 tomato plants and this LOVELY asparagus. So I'm stretching it a bit, but the photo is of our produce and some seed packet charms. I plan to make it to the Piedmont Market again next week (Saturday 8-12). I LOVE this opening up the back of my van, and I was surprised at how efficient 2 tables could be.
This week's give-away winner (a $12 glass charm) was Emily, who commented via e-mail.

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