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Monday, May 10, 2010

FLY...Graduates and Give-away

Thinking about graduations...we have one in our household...not one of our children, but my husband, his we're part of the hustle and bustle of these May events!

There were lots of graduation gifts "flying" out of the studio this weekend, and there is still time to find something special (I have open hours on Thursday from 10-2 or you could give a gift certificate!...just phone or e-mail me).

I was thinking that for this week's give-away I'd like to hear YOUR sentiments...special words or quotes...that could apply to graduates. Add your comment here, or e-mail me an idea regarding graduates, and your name will be entered in this week's random drawing (that means you don't have to be the MOST ORIGINAL to win...MY kind of fun!). Don't worry if you have the same "special word" as someone else...that just means it's a GOOD one, and maybe I'll USE it!
Check back on Friday to see who has won...A 1/2 INCH SILVER DISK CHARM with her choice of word.

I'm hoping to pick up a Saturday morning at the Piedmont Market towards the end of May. I'll give exact details before it happens.


  1. Our special word is "Always".

  2. There's more than one word, but I like:

    "The Best is Yet to Be" from Robert Browning


    "There's Joy in the Journey!"

  3. Another one that's actually two words:
    "God's Best"
    What could be better than that?!!

  4. Mine aren't just one word quotes:

    Grandma always said "This too shall pass" and "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger".

  5. e-mail entries included..."spread your wings"..."make a difference"..."good luck"..."strength"..."knowledge, like flowers, will grow"