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Friday, May 28, 2010

computer vs. studio time!

I LOVE my in-studio time, creating items to take to Market/show or working on custom orders. I have some FUN beauties people have requested this week, in addition to personal photos...VWs, tiny nail polish bottles, "worthy," "believe," eagles, LOTS of new initials (funny how I seem to always run out of "M"s!), and more. I'm working on fun new silver, hopefully done in time for Jazz in June (starts this Tuesday, 5-9).

I TRY to balance my studio time with the computer. I read and send e-mails. I add to this blog...hard to keep it brief, you know I love to talk :). And now...Facebook. I fought it forever; I can never do anything halfway and worried how to balance the personal and business side of FB.

So...I have 2 accounts. If you look at my sidebar, there's a link to find Brown Dog Studio (my studio page) on FB. If you are a "fellow FB-er," look me up, "like" me (please?). You don't have to become my friend; I don't have access to your FB site, unless you invite me later on :)

Most of my comments this week came via e-mails, but Debbie was the random winner of the "lucky penny charm." Contact me, Debbie. I look forward to seeing many friends at the Piedmont Market tomorrow (8-12). I can't wait to see what produce might be there!

Oh...I cleaned my studio...Yippee!

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